★ Create an SSH Tunnel in OSX to bypass Firewall

Posted on November 12, 2009

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Tynsoe.org has released Simple Tunnel Manager for OSX. SSH Tunnel Manager is a front-end for the ssh command when used to open tunnels between two hosts. Those command lines are particulary long and confusing, especially for novices…

How does SSH Tunnel Manager work?

SSH Tunnel Manager is a tool to manage SSH Tunnels (commonly invoked with -L and -R arguments in the console). With SSH Tunnel Manager you can set up as many tunnels as you wish, each one containing as many port redirections as you wish. Once tunnels are configured, all you have to do is Start, or Stop the tunnels.

What are SSH Tunnels?

SSH Tunnels are a secure way to access hosts, or machines you cannot normaly reach, i.e : hosts on a LAN or behind a firewall. By the way, this is not a cracker tool! You must be able to access an ssh enabled host that can communicate with this private network (usually a firewall). SSH can play with two kind of tunnels, called Local port forwarding and Remote port forwarding.

How Do I Use It?

Detailed instructions on using SSH Tunnel Manager can be found here: http://projects.tynsoe.org/en/stm/doc.php

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  • NightLion

    SSH Tunnel Manager 2.0 does not seem to work in Snow Leopard without installing Rosetta.
    I was able to find an alternative called SSH Tunnel 1.6 at:

  • brokosz

    You can use it without Rosetta on Snow Leopard. Just open the app bundle and replace the SSH component with one from your SL install.

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