Guide to Apache PHP / FCGI performance tuning on Plesk linux servers

Posted on December 13, 2012

Tuning Plesk servers for optimal Apache PHP / FCGI performance can be a nightmare. Here is a great guide on getting you started. Special thanks to the LinuxDriver blog for some of these great tips.

This should go without saying: make sure to backup your configuration files before trying any new settings!

Step 1: Modify fcgid.cpnf

Modifying your PHP.conf

Next, let's edit our php.conf

Step 3: SWTune – Optional

Now we are going to create a special SWTune.conf configuration file. I've had mixed success with this, so please experiment with this. I believe this will be more effective on lower resource systems. You may choose to skip this step.

Step 4: CPU and Memory configuration

Finally, this next shell command will determine the best configuration settings based on your processors and amount of memory.

Notes:- The earlier mentioned sequences or patterns will adapt the host limitations and Optimum Customers in respect to the CPU quantity.

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  • Muharrem

    worker mode not work fcgi give lot of php_flag error

  • Night Lion

    What do you mean?

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