Guide to Stealth SEO and a Strategy for User Profile Building

Posted on October 08, 2013

If you haven't read yesterday's article on keeping your web activity anonymous with proxies, I highly recommend checking that out before continuing.

Reputation Building and Local SEO

Aside from keeping your own activity anonymous, proxies are also a great tool for staying anonymous while creating user profiles. The more user profiles you have, the more you can help customers build (or repair) their online reputation. Creating and maintaining user profiles is not as easy as it sounds.

The sites where you're creating these accounts are sophisticated and can easily spot fakes. This guide will provide some easy to follow steps in developing your profiles.

Keeping your user profiles organized and legitimate

When purchasing proxies you want to make sure that you can select from a number of different proxies located through various cities throughout the country. Why is that important? It all goes towards the legitimacy of your account.

If your new user profile says that they live in New York, but only log in from an IP address in Omaha, it will eventually raise a red flag. Using Lime Proxy, you can select from a number of different U.S. cities. Now, you can create profiles that correspond to the city of your proxy, making your request seem that much more legitimate.


A Process for creating and maintaining SEO user profiles

When I create profile accounts, I use the following process:

  1. Create a spreadsheet with all identifiable information on your profiles, including usernames, passwords, real names, city, state, etc.
  2. Assign a specific proxy (based on the correct city) to that user profile. If you use Lime Proxy, you can select which cities you want for your proxies.
  3. Use your assigned proxy to create GMAIL and Yahoo accounts.
  4. Use either your Gmail or Yahoo account to create accounts with a number of popular online sites (Yelp, Google+, Local, etc).
  5. Start building the profile by leaving some comments on the sites you specifically want to target.
  6. Don’t do it all on the same day! Profile building takes time, and if you sign up and leave 20 comments on your first day, it will seem fake. Spread things out a bit.
  7. That’s really it. Whenever you want to use one of your profiles, just make sure to use a proxy from a city associated with your account.

Please share your thoughts

That's really about it. Just remember to stay organized and consistent, select a good premium proxy service, and do not to deviate from your spreadsheet!

I'd love to hear what you think. If you have additional methods and tips, please share them.

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