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Posted on December 26, 2015


Social media is such huge part of today’s culture and marketing programs, that we felt it appropriate to discuss CoSchedule, and what a game changer it is for social media marketing. In my humble opinion, Coschedule is the best platform for managing social media — it also happens to be the ONLY platform that we use. Period. Here's why.

Everything you need to schedule and promote via social media

The beauty of Coschedule is that it helps you carefully create and execute your social media marketing strategies. You can manage your social media content calendar and amplify the visibility. Coschedule lets you know the best times and days to post content to get the most views and target your specific market. You can create content and schedule the post days in advance to make posting convenient.

We like to plan out our social media posting about a month in advance, so we can easily write all of the posts that we need to promote our content and let Coschedule send the posts at the right time.

CoSchedule-UserDashboard - social media promo

WordPress Integration is awesome

You can schedule your social media posting right from within your WordPress post. It's an amazing time saver. It also works both ways from within CoSchedule's web app. Once you pull up the monthly calendar, you can easily see which content you've posted in WordPress and schedule different messages/posts for each social network that you are using. You can also create blog posts from within the social calendar.


Headline analyzer is pretty cool

When you write your post, Coschedule will analyze the headline and let you know how effective it is. I'm still skeptical about this one, but it shows a tremendous amount of potential. Coschedule takes a number of factors into consideration based on the effectiveness of other socail media headlines, so it looks pretty interesting. This is a new feature, so I plan on digging into it and reporting back.

Tracking effectiveness with social media analytics

Coschedule has most detailed analytics I've seen when it comes to viewing your previous posts. The analytics help measure anything and everything including clicks, message effectiveness, and social chatter. The best part is that you can easily which of your posts are the most effective and use Coschedule's features to re-post those at different times based on the effectiveness of other posts in those time slots.


Biggest Gripe: Can't import posts

For all its strengths, it seems that Coschedule has missed the mark when it comes to being able to import content. I find this strange because so many other services allow content to be imported for quicker access. This makes the process somewhat grueling if you are schedule 50 posts at a time… I hope they change this soon.

Conclusion: Coschedule is an 8/10 – You HAVE TO TRY THIS

I can't stress how awesome and life changing Coschedule has been for our firm. Creating and distributing social media content is now a breeze. When they add the ability to import posts, I will upgrade their rating to a solid 10/10! In the meantime, if you're skeptical (as I once was), I encourage you to try the FREE 30 day Trial. You'll thank me.

Use this link for a FREE 30 day trial

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