Pretty Link Pro: Review of the best WordPress affiliate tool

Posted on December 22, 2015

Pretty Link Pro is an Affiliate's Dream Plugin

Pretty Link Pro is one of the biggest tools in my marketing arsenal. Pretty Link Pro is designed to help websites automatically link keywords using their affiliate links. For example, whenever there is a blog that uses ‘Pretty Link Pro' as a keyword, the app automatically links my appropriate affiliate link.

In addition, Pretty Link Pro will allow you to shrink, cloak, track, organize, share and test all of your keyword specific links. The beauty of Pretty Link is that it makes your long and ugly affiliate links Pretty. Instead of:, you can create your own shortened scheme and use, and Pretty Link will automatically redirect you!

Pretty Link Pro supports Split Testing & Automatic Keyword Replacement

You can get a split test up and running very quickly with preliminary results. Not only is it easy to use, you can also access basic reports that make it clear how your links are converting.

With automatic keyword replacement, if you ever need to replace a specific word or phrase throughout your entire website, this feature will saves you time. You just have to decide which phrase or word you want linked and insert the link you want it to be directed to. Every time that phrase or word occurs now will be a hyperlink. It is super easy!


If you are trying to make affiliate income from your WordPress website, this plugin is a no brainer. Check out Pretty Link Pro today.

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