Looks N3: High-end Professional Lightroom 6 Photo Presets

Posted on January 23, 2016

A lot of people struggle with getting that one perfect shot when taking photographs, depending on the design. It doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore now that PresetShop has come up with a newer preset for Adobe Lightroom, called Looks N3.

Looks N3 – A New Set of Professional Lightroom 6 Presets

Looks N3 was created based on cross processed film inspired from Fuji, Agfa and Kodak that adds contrast and color shifts to your photos. It does this by simulating the process of cross processing film from the E-6 to the C-41 developing process.

Looks N3 Lightroom 6 Presets

Looks N3 Lightroom 6 Presets

High-End Professional Lightroom Presets at their finest.

High-End Professional Lightroom Presets

A full set of photo editing presets for use in any light setting

The best type of photographs for this cross processed digital film is natural light, fashion, portraits, lifestyle, urban and nature environments. I’ve never seen these types of settings look so spectacular before. Looks N3 pack consists of 60 presets, each individual look comes in three strengths with additional substitute colorcast versions in pink, green and blue. The only thing you need to do is set the white balance and exposure, while the presets do the rest.

This was a much-needed effect to enhance the types of images I love working with. My favorite type of image being nature environments has been enhanced to look outrageously gorgeous.

and here's an added bonus…

PresetShop.com now has FREE Lightroom tutorials

These presets are so easy and quick to install, even so, PresetShop.com now offers some of the best photo editing tutorials for Photoshop and Lightroom – completely 100% free!!!

You can't beat FREE

If you're wondering how these images can look so good, the tutorials will show you how to apply professional looking color treatments, enhance photos, and bringing out the best look for every image.


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