Constant Contact - Email Marketing Powerhouse review

Posted on January 19, 2016

Constant Contact: an email marketing powerhouse

While email-marketing continues to grow among online businesses, so do spam folders of recipients. Any carbon-based life form with a computer has spam filters on high, so getting white-listed to actually reach the intended inbox isn’t easy.

Constant Contact's software allows me to create great looking emails without spending a lot of time doing it. Simple drag and drop editing makes document creation simple. Really, just minutes to create an eye catching-email.

Constant Contact email marketing dashboard

How to maximize your email marketing tools

First, build your database with contact emails. Get email addresses of all new clients, and try to snag email addresses from existing clients (if you don’t have them already) because these are people or companies who know you already. So, you get through multiple spam filters. Congrats. Now, offer a money-saving promo (for example, free tire rotation) and they may just stop by to collect their freebie; it’s worth a try.

Incentives work. So does email-marketing if you do it right.

Social Media integration

Constant Contact makes it super easy to broadcast short messages and Facebook posts throughout the day. But I’ll say it again: if all you do is sell you’re just taking up pixels. Help don’t hype clients with outreach marketing on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, or other social media destination sites.

Constant Contact dashboard2

Metrics on email usage

The large amount of metrics is another goodie from Constant Contact and another reason I use it now for all my email promos, which I send out regularly with reliable, useful information. I know my stuff gets read because Constant Contact tells me it does.

After a targeted email blast, I know who opened my emails and when, I know what link they clicked on within the main email body, and I know who they forwarded the email to.  This allows me to gather the numbers, refine future campaigns, and see a better conversion ratio with each email blast I do.

Constant Contact email marketing dash2

Conclusion: Constant Contact is the best online marketing tools in the business

Constant Contact is my email-marketing tool of choice these days because the software is just so easy to use. It’s 100% customizable, but if graphics aren’t your strong suit, grab a template and start providing information, or a darned good promo. Just fill in the blanks and BOOM – you’re done.

Try it free for 30 days

Give it a free spin. No money or credit card required. If you don’t like it, cancel and you’re out. That’s how I started using Constant Contact and I still use it almost every day.

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