Harvest: Fully Integrated Project Time Tracking

Posted on January 21, 2016


Harvest is a great time tracking software that also allows you to do your invoicing and reporting. This makes employee time sheets and billing effortlessly simple. Its solo plan is an extremely great price compared to other time tracking software. If you do not need some of the extra features like file attachments, a postal mailing service, and automatically applied late fees, it is the perfect choice for you. Harvest is designed for businesses ranging from small to mid-size service-based.

Harvest Dashboard

Why Harvest Rocks

1. Awesome Features 

Harvest has great features besides the awesome time tracking. These key features include estimates, invoicing, expense tracking, client dashboard and for business plans- timesheet approval. All of these features are optional so you can pick and choose which features benefit your business the most.

2. Easy to use with a great UI

The interface is appealing to all users and is simple to use. The setup is quick and easy; you just give some background information and describe the size of your business. The navigation bar at the top of the screen directs you to all of the features so it is neatly organized. There is also a help button if there is ever a problem, but most of the features are self-explanatory.

Harvest solves the problem of misplaced time sheets. It does such a superb job of time tracking so there is never a problem with recording all billable hours.


3. Integrations with CRM and Project Management Tools

Maybe the most important aspect of Harvest is its ability to integrate with a slew of popular online SaaS apps. For the rest of the article, I will take you through my normal workflow to show how Harvest integrates with both Base, my CRM of choice, and Asana.

Base CRM & Harvest: Automate Project Creation

The integration with Base CRM is simple, but can end up saving quite a bit of time in manual entry. Whenever a deal is closed/won in Base, a project is automatically created in Harvest.

Base CRM Harvest Integration

Asana & Harvest: Tracking Time Against Projects and Tasks

We use Asana to manage tasks across various projects. Harvest integrates beautifully with Asana by allowing users to automatically log time when working on a tasks. Within every task, each user has the ability to click the harvest time icon to automatically log their hours. This makes time entry incredibly simple as it tasks the mystery out of exactly where and how each employee/contractor spends their time.


Invoices, Estimates, and Expenses

Harvest also has the ability to track expenses and provide estimates and invoices to clients. I personally don't use these features as I do all of my invoicing in QuickBooks. Even without using those modules, I still feel that we are getting a tremendous amount of value for the price.

Conclusion: If you need to track time, Harvest is your tool

Harvest is a great tool to have for businesses that heavily rely on time tracking. It is particularly great for freelancers or small businesses that need to track time and expenses based on tasks and projects. Not only is the time tracking an awesome tool but the invoice and estimate support is better than most of the other invoicing tools.

If you were at all curious about this software, please use this link for a free 30 day trial.

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