ManageWP: Excellent WordPress Multisite Management Tool

Posted on February 10, 2016


ManageWP was primarily created to help people manage multiple WordPress sites and to stay on one dashboard instead of jumping around to each separate dashboard. It’s more for people who manage 5 or more WordPress sites. If you have more than 10 sites, it is a necessity to help you stay organized. Updating themes and plugins, making backups, running malware scans, etc. used to take over an hour, now only takes a few seconds. It really is a lifesaver when managing tons of different sites.

Great Dashboard, Easy Plugin Install and Updates



The ManageWP dashboard is pretty informative, showing you exactly what needs to be done with each of your sites. You can use it to quickly identify and install plugin or theme updates, and even purge un-needed comments or post drafts.

One Click Batch Plugin Install

One of the best features that I find very useful is one click plugin management. I can pre-define a set of ‘must have' plugins, and whenever I'm ready to start a new site, I can just deploy those plugins in one shot. Simple!

Included Security and Backups

Your site can very easily become infected with malware without you even realizing it. ManageWP allows you to run a number of checks to see if your site is infected (although please remember that scans can often mis infections). ManageWP gives you a clean way to check your sites for a number of different criteria.


Automate Database Backups

Keeping your site backed up should also be a primary concern. ManageWP will automate this process for you and automatically create weekly backups of your WordPress database.

WordPress SEO and Social Media Monitoring

ManageWP can also monitors your SEO and Keyword Rankings for all of your sites, and will provide you with a detailed weekly report on your progress. Each domain in your ManageWP can be monitored for 20 keywords. ManageWP will help you to determine which keywords you should be targeting. The weekly report will provide you with a lot of pertinant information including: backlinks, page speed, Google Pagerank, SEOMoz scores, Alexa traffic, and a wealth of social media information like Facebook likes and Twitter retweets.


Painless Website Clone / Migration Tool

This is probably one of my favorite features. If you ever find yourself needing to change hosts, or even launch a test site for development work, ManageWP makes that process painless. The migration / clone wizard allows you to pick what you need to do, and in a few easy steps, it will create your database, copy your files and get you on your way with minimal effort.


Final Thoughts: ManageWP is Pretty Amazing

ManageWP is an essential tool when you are managing 10+ sites, or even a single site. The software works great, and it gives you a huge number of time tools that you can use to help streamline the management of your WordPress sites.

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