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Posted on June 28, 2016

Pandadoc document creation

If you have been searching for a holistic documentation solution, you will find one with PandaDoc. Finally, here is a platform that allows you to build your documents, as well as to track them in the same place. When you want to have seamless workflow, with detailed analytical information to guide your decision making, you can do so with PandaDoc. In addition, there is the functionality that enables you to have legally binding signatures on your documents, all from the convenience of your PC.


Create Your Own Templates

Your experience with PandaDoc should begin when you create your own template. If you have no clue where to begin with this, you can refer to one of the public templates that are available on the site. Then, from these, you will be able to choose from more than 100 documents that can easily be accessed. It also helps that the templates that are on the site are updated and added on a daily basis, meaning that you will most likely find exactly what you are looking for. The templates that you create should be easy using your web application. The reason that PandaDoc stands out from so many other similar platforms is because it has an amazing range of features, and it is considerably easy to use.



Present Innovative Proposals

A proposal is a powerful selling tool, and when you are using PandaDoc, you can trust that any proposal you create will be a notch above the rest. The reason that you will appreciate it is because the interface is very easy to use, and the templates also look stunning. This makes your proposal look appealing, and you do not even have to be a genius at code to get it done. This is a tool that you can use without the need for technical assistance. Using PandaDoc will help you look much more professional in your work.


Add Video for Greater Effect

When you are creating a document on PandaDoc, you will find that there is an option to put in some video as well. Embedding video within your documentation helps to express your messages for more clearly, and ensure that customers are impressed by what you have to say. To assess whether the video has actually had some impact, you can track it using the document analytics that are part of this application. This way, you will be able to establish how much time was spent looking at the information, whether people watched the entire video, and which section of the overall document received the most attention.


Quick Approvals

Before most companies allow sales to go through, it is necessary to go through an approval process, and once you complete this, then the sale is done. The problem is, this can be quite time consuming and the result may be an actual loss in the sale. With PandaDoc, the approvals are close to instant, and all this is done within a concise approval process. You are able to get immediate notifications when a sale has been approved, and still keep everything well organised.


PandaDoc truly is the future of documents, and will show you how you can find quick solutions by automating any documents that you are working on. The solution that is offered is fully holistic and can help you develop your documentation in a fraction of the time.

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