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Posted on July 03, 2016


Sendinblue is the latest heavy hitting contender with a full suite of features

Even with the growth of social media marketing, email marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing platform. This is because it ensures excellent results, but only if it is done right. To make use of email marketing, you will need an excellent platform for your business online. That is what you get when you choose to use Sendinblue. Using this email marketing service will help you build up your ecommerce store, taking it to elevated heights and growth.

The reason I have decided to go with Sendinblue is its wide range of features — it supports full mailing list automation, it integrates with WordPress and Gravity forms, AND it includes transactional emailing!!! It literally does EVERYTHING.

Attractive Interface

To begin with, you will find that this is a resource that is so easy to use because it has an interface that is both intuitive to tap into your needs, and attractive to look at. There are a large number of functions that you will find to help you create an email marketing campaign that will be highly successful.

Amazing Functions

The functions that you will find on Sendinblue include: –

  • Market Automation
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Transactional Messages
  • Detailed Reports
  • Tracking of Individual Email Messages
  • Management of SMS messages
  • And much more.

Simple Accounts

It is amazing how simple it is to start using Sendinblue as all you need is one account that is low in price to begin. Before you get the hand of using the system, you can try out the free plan for sixty days which will enable you to send a maximum of 9000 emails every month. You can choose to subscribe to a monthly plan instead which will let you send out 40,000 emails every month. This will cost you as little as $7.37 each month. The pay as you go options allows you to purchase a certain number of email credits on a monthly basis which you can use against your campaigns.

Making Use of Sendinblue

To get started with this email marketing service, you need to follow three main steps. First, you will create the campaign that you want to do, ensuring that in the process you manage your contacts. Then you will send out that campaign to your contact list that has been customised. Once this has been done, you will be able to track the results of your marketing campaign. You will receive a series of graphs and reports, as well as analytical statistics to help elevate the efforts you are making at marketing.

The one feature that makes this site so much better than others that are similar is the analytics that you receive. Other advantages include being able to send transactional emails as well as reach your customers directly using the SMS messaging services. There are some disadvantages that this service has as well. You will be charged for every SMS that you send, and you may not get the support you need for surveys or polls. Compared to all that you could benefit from, these are unlikely to affect your overall positive experience. Take the time to try out this service today, and you are sure not to regret it.

Conclusion: You have to try it to believe how good it is

Honestly, you have to just try it. Use this link to sign up for a free trial AND get 20% off your order if you decide to keep it! This really is a powerhouse of email marketing software. Sendinblue supports full mailing list automation, it integrates with WordPress and Gravity forms, AND it includes transactional emailing as well. Give it a try. It won't cost you anything, and you won't be disappointed!!

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