SerpBook and SEMRush: Review of Two Critical SEO Tools

Posted on February 14, 2016

I get asked all the time about my ‘magic weapon' SEO tools. The truth is, there really is no magic weapon, but there are things you can do to rank faster. As part of that process, the two tools I use the most are SEMRush and SerpBook. This article will provide a very brief review of both, highlighting the specific feature(s) that I find to be the most valuable.

If you want to skip ahead and just trust me, here are links to free trials of both so you can test them out for yourself:

Free trial of SerpBook Free trial of SEMRush


SerpBook is a ranking tracking tool that gives customers the power to collect keyword rankings that can be shared with clients. This information is easily obtainable and can be viewed from any device with Internet access. You will never need to manage your proxies again because SerpBook automatically does it for you. SerpBook’s customers include SEO firms and SEO fanatics using automated and white label SEO reports. This platform was designed to be user-friendly and appealing.

SerpBook is the Best Rank Tracker on the Market

With SerpBook you can organize keywords that are identified through the keyword tool, and your clients into categories to make viewing information easier. You can schedule when you want reports emailed to you or your clients so you don’t have to manually send them each time.


Client White-labeling & Advanced Analytics

Serpbook is especially usefully because you can setup groups of keywords and assign them to individual clients. If you are an SEO guru, you can give you clients their own access to log in and check their rankings. It's a very professional looking system and will go a long way with your clients.

Serpbook will also allow you to check which tactics and optimizations are working for your clients, and which ones aren't. You can track your progress across Google, Bing, and Yahoo.



Another bonus of using SerpBook are the notifications. You can program alerts to notify you as your keywords move in the ranks. Not much more to say here.

Verdict: If you need a rank tracker, this is the one to try.

Not much more to say. Click here to try SerpBook free for 30 days.


SEMrush is more of a complete SEO tool that gives you a single place to do keyword research, check backlinks, your competitors SEO, and audit your site.

SEMRush is King for Keyword Research

SEMrush let’s you track up to 500 keywords in over five campaigns. There are tools available for keyword research that can show a keyword’s search volume and will help you measure how well a keyword will perform on your site. The phrase match report shows you keywords related to primary keywords and can help drive more traffic to your site.

SEMrush snapshot1

Track Competitor Backlinks

With SEMRush, you can analyze the quality of your page’s backlinks, as well as the total number of backlinks and referring domains that are driving up your traffic. Quality backlinks are crucial to the success of an SEO strategy. SEMRush allows you to check your competitor's backlinks to see how they are able to achieve their search positions, allowing you to correct your SEO strategy to match and surpass theirs.

Organic Search

SEMrush’s organic search feature lets you analyze some of your top competitors. It allows you to check their keyword rankings, see the value of their keywords and evaluate content on their site.

Semrush snapshot2

Verdict: SEMRush provides essential tools for your SEO strategy

Not much more to say. If you are serious about SEO, you know you need these tools. Both links below will get you a free 30 day trial!

Free trial of SerpBook Free trial of SEMRush

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