Our Top 6 Sales Enablement Tools for 2016

Posted on February 20, 2016

My sales workflow is such a crucial part of my business that I I think it would be valuable to list the top 6 sales enablement tools. These tools help me save tons of time and are exceptionally dependable. These tools have all become a critical part of my workflow and I can't see myself ever not using them. If you enjoy this post, please leave a comment!


Yesware – Gmail/Email Tracking with Salesforce Integration

With the addition of SalesForce's new Lightning UI, I've been giving Salesforce another hard look as a CRM. Yesware is a full email / Salesforce integration tool, allowing you to manage your CRM right from your GMAIL. Yesware also provides a huge suite of tools including email tracking, and most notably, the ability to send full email campaigns (bulk email) through Gmail. Yesware also has great team features, such as the ability to share email templates, and detailed team analytics for sales managers.

yesware gmail addons

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Base CRM

I've said for a long time that Base is the best CRM tool out there. I use it to track absolutely everything related to my sales pipeline. I live and breathe by Base, and it allows me to manage a better relationship with my customers by storing and syncing all my emails, call records and recordings, and any notes between my customer and I.


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PandaDoc is the tool I use to quickly generate repeatable forms for my customers and partners — I most often use this for contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and contractor agreements. The document analytics feature is awesome because I can see what a client is focusing most of their time reading on in a document. Pandadoc has made huge strides in how you can customize your documents. Now with the addition of custom CSS, you have virtually unlimited creative freedom with your templates.


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Zoho Books

Zoho Books has recently replaced QuickBooks as my accounting software. The advantage Zoho has over Quickbooks is its flexibility, customization, and sleek UI. QuickBooks online is powerful, but can be very limited at times — and it feels like Intuit just never updates the app or makes any significant changes. Zoho is a breath of fresh air.


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Harvest is the tool I use for time tracking on active projects. This tool is a highly effective way to track employee's time and expenses, as well as the progress of each company project. There is essentially no end to the type of reports you can create. 


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SideKick – Email Tracking for OSX, Gmail and Outlook

SideKick is great to have when I need to know if someone has or hasn't opened the email I sent out. It allows me to come up with a more strategic follow-up plan. This tool also allows me to figure out what email tactics work and what do not by seeing how many times the email was opened.


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Conclusion: These are my key sales enablement tools. Use them wisely.

These tools are a key factor in my sales process and overall success. All of these apps have a free trial option which I highly recommend experimenting with. Once you try these programs out, you will be amazed that you did not know about them sooner.

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