Base CRM - Still the Best in 2017 w/ New Editing & Search

Posted on March 11, 2017

Base continues to be my go-to CRM because of their constant improvements. They make it easy for my sales team to accomplish more in less time. Recently, they have added some exciting new features that help to enhance productivity.

CRM Inline Simplified Editing

Smart Lists are an exclusive Base feature that quickly gives me insight into my sales pipeline for virtually any question I have. Smart lists get me the answers I need about my sales channel by creating and managing customized lists using actual data.

When I create a Smart List it's using real-time data! I can view different columns like value, close date, etc. to quickly filter what I see. Smart Lists are managed directly in Base, but can be exported as .csv or excel file. Individual leads, contacts and deals can be modified directly in the Smart List view!

To edit a Smart List, hover over the area you would like to change, then click on the pencil icon, which will appear to the right, make your changes and hit “enter”.

This new feature saves my team and I significant time because it allows thus to work on all our channels at once on one screen, rather than clicking back and forth. For more details on smart lists, click here.

Contextual Search

Base’s new contextual searching is one of the greatest improvements I have ever seen. It dissolves all the stress of trying to locate a specific lead, contact or deal within Base’s records, which in the past has been very time consuming. Now with contextual searching Base uses the following three search updates:

  1.   Recently Viewed
  2.   Improved Context
  3.   Filter by Ownership

Give Base CRM A Try

The new features of Base CRM delivers more simple, user-friendly and fast ways to improve your business. Click here for your free 30-day trial!

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