★ Growl, the Original Notification System for Mac, gets a Lion Overhaul

Posted on October 07, 2011


Notification System

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Within a day of release, Growl soared to the top of the paid charts in the Mac App Store. That alone should tell you something.

Growl has been (and still is) the defacto standard for notifications on your mac. Growl is one of those rare apps that instantly becomes indispensable, and you just can't live without.

The new version of Growl, besides adding support for OSX Lion, adds a completely redesigned interface and several new features worth mentioning:

  • New Rollup notification lists everything that happened while you were away
  • Full notification history, so you can see what has been going on.
  • Networking so that two or more macs can forward notifications to each other
  • Works with the iPhone and iPad via Prowl.
  • Completely skinnable alerts

The low price of $2 is extremely reasonable considering just how much you end up using this app without even realizing it. Bottom line, this app is rock solid; Apple couldn't have done it any better.

Price: 1.99 | Homepage | App Store Link

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