Little Snitch 3: Network Monitor for OSX, Redesigned and Turbo Charged

Posted on December 25, 2012

Little Snitch 3

Personal Firewall

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Got Security?

In short: Little Snitch 3 for Mac by Objective Development provides powerful protection from malicious connections.
With that being said, I’m sure you’re using a firewall, right? Most definitely you have virus protection? These are necessities for any computer user. Even us Mac users must protect ourselves from malicious threats trying to work their way into our private information.

But have you considered this: What happens when your personal information is accessed from the inside-out? If you haven’t considered this and obviously haven’t done anything about it, then you need to get hands on Little Snitch 3 for Mac. And we’ll help you do just that, after you read this review.

Little Snitch Overview

Little Snitch from Objective Development is like the guard at the front gate keeping the inmates from walking out the front door. If you – the warden – give permission for someone to leave, then Little Snitch 3 allows it. And in many cases the guard will open that door without bothering you – if that is one of the rules you have in place.

The Little Snitch Network Monitor: Which apps are transmitting?

Ever wonder where you data is going, or rather, which applications are sending data? I've come across this issue when trying to figure out why my bandwidth has suddenly tanked. The Little Snitch network monitor is great for seeing exactly what processes are sending or receiving data. This can be extremely helpful when trying to track down rogue processes or malware.

For the less security savvy, it's important to note that your Mac is probably full of applications sending out private information. Most of this is done with good intention – often to provide software updates. However, most of the time, data is probably being sent out for tracking and statistical purposes. Most times, applications won't even ask for your permission; they will just collect and send. This can cause havoc if this is done with malicious intent. Little Snitch 3 installs a kernel extension on your Mac to monitor and shut the door on those applications trying to initiate outbound connections without your approval.

That’s the simple description of what it does and that is why you need it. The Little Snitch application is much more complex. And while these complexities can make it confusing to new users, after some time using this Mac app, you’ll be happy with the protection it provides.

Product Features

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite features of Little Snitch 3 and some of its newer ones as well.

  • Silent Mode – This feature allows you to silence warnings and not be interrupted. You can then review the Silent Mode Log File to set permanent rules for all warnings at one time.
  • Profiles – I like profiles because I use my Mac in public settings, at home and in the office. With this feature, I choose the sets of rules based on my computing environment.
  • Research Assistant – I’m no expert when it comes to each and every application and process on my Mac. The Little Snitch 3 Research Assistant gets you the information you need to understand why there is a request to connect to an outside server.
  • Status Menu – The status menu is improved to provide quick access to features like silent mode, profiles, rules and summaries.
  • Multiple Destination Matching for Rules – I love this clutter-reducing feature as your rules can now match a list of domains, arbitrary IP address ranges and hostnames.
  • Rule Suggestions – Let Little Snitch 3 suggest rules based on your past network usage and then quickly define these as permanent rules when you wish.

The above suggestions are just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Little Snitch 3 for Mac. And the great thing about the application is that it can be very complex or very simple in its functionality without losing its effectiveness.

Security .. and some cause for paranoia

I'm an InfoSec guy, so I'm naturally suspicious. I personally like to know what applications are trying to access the internet, mostly because I don't like my personal information being spread around at the discretion of those or are trying to profiting form it. I have been a Little Snitch fan for some time, and the biggest feature that drew me to them in the first place was it's Firewall monitoring capabilities. To quote Objective Development's website, “Little Snitch allows you to intercept these unwanted connection attempts, and lets you decide how to proceed.” That statement alone should be enough to warrant paying the nominal fee for this tremendously great application.

Little Snitch 3 Alert


I've been a fan of Little Snitch for a while, and version 3 brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the application. There are a lot of great new features and a very well polished UI. It's unfortunate that most users don't take an active role in their security. Most people, and large companies for that matter, have the jaded perspective that an incident will never happen to them .. until it does. There are some great security stories available on the Night Lion Security InfoSEC Blog. But I digress… back to Little Snitch.

As promised in the beginning of this review, we’re going to help you get your hands on a copy of this application. To register for a chance to win, just leave a comment telling us why you should be the person to get your free Little Stitch 3 license.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Price: $34.95 | Trial? Yes | Homepage

Free license GIVEAWAY

The developers at Objective Development were gracious enough to give away a copy of Little Snitch 3 to our followers. We will be giving away the app on Dec 31, 2012, right in time for the new year. Entry into the contest is extremely simple:

  • Step 1: Tweet this message (Free copy of Little Snitch 3 for Mac giveaway, by @NightLion and @LittleSnitch. Product review and details here:
  • Step 2: Write a comment on this page telling us why you should receive the free copy.

If there are any problems, please shoot us an email at info (at)

That's it! Good luck to everyone!


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