App of the week: Pixa - Organize and Catalog your Mac Graphic elements with easy

Posted on January 30, 2013


Image and Icon Manager


Pixa Overview

What is Pixa? Pixa is essentially an image organizer similar to iPhoto, but geared towards designers and design professionals. Pixa contains a large amount of useful features, but the area where it shines the most is it's ability to provide a way to organize my libraries of stock photos and icons in a way that I can quickly find them when I need them.


Feature List

Some of Pixa's more notable features include:

Live Folders: Live Folders allows you to organize your images in Pixa without moving them from their original location. If you are working on a project that you want to be stored in Pixa you can make it a live folder which is “linked” to the actual folder you are storing the files on your computer. As you add files into this folder they are automatically added to
the live folder in Pixa.

Auto Tagging: Pixa will auto-tag useful information like colors and size; web address, extensions and metadata are also saved for the imported images.


The Loupe Tool: The Loupe tool lets you check your photos pixel by pixel copying the colors into the clipboard in many useful formats.

Pixa provides the user with useful tools for creating screenshots and analyzing images, being an indispensable tool for collecting inspiration.

Metadata Reader: Easily find Metadata, Exif, and more. If you select an image and click the little “i” in the bottom left hand corner of Pixa’s main interface, you’ll be presented with the Information Panel.



If you're a designer, web developer, or someone who has a large number of digital assets that they use on a regular basis, this app is for you.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Price: $30 (and worth every penny) | App Store Link

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