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Posted on October 27, 2016

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MailButler is a plugin for OSX Mail that adds six tools to the most useful Mail, particularly when you are sending multiple emails. The app is designed to bring sales tracking abilities to the Mac platform. Recently we had Sidekick, which was the best mail utility one could get for their Mac. However, the Hubspot team decided to withdraw their support for Sidekick for Apple mail, leaving Mac users with no other option than to install the exceptional MailButler.

MailButler comes with some amazing features that Mac users are sure to find useful.

Email Scheduling/Send later

This feature, allows you to schedule your emails so that you can send them at a later time or date, and adds a button to the toolbar while you are composing your email. The button looks similar to the send button but has a clock icon added to it that helps you indicate when you would like the email to be sent. If you have an email that you would like to send at a later date or time, all you have to do is click on the icon in the windows tool bar. After that, choose when you would like the message to be sent from the three choices they have provided. You are then capable to schedule the email to be sent on a specific date or day, after a certain number of hours or minutes, OR even at a later date.

This feature can also allow you to recall a sent message by delaying the sending of emails for a few seconds or minutes. You can undo the messages you no longer want to send or you can hit ‘send now’ to send the messages once you are sure that you are ready to send them.

MailButler Email Scheduling

Cloud Storage Integration for Large Upload

Numerous email systems cannot handle large uploads, making it difficult for people to send emails with large attachments. However, if you are using MailButler, you can specify a file size you want to send, and any attachment above that size will be uploaded to the Cloud. Once you choose a file that you want to attach to an email, a picker appears that lets you choose your preferred storage services, which should already be configured in preferences. Once you hit the ‘send’ button, the app will upload the files to the cloud, then send links to the attachments through your message. Awesome, right?

Email Open and Click Tracking

MailButler also offers email tracking for Apple mail. This is a great feature because it helps you retrieve data on your ‘sent’ mail. The app will help you find out if the email you sent has been opened by the recipient or not, which helps greatly for communication planning. This incredible feature can help a lot in the management of sales, customer relationships and customer support.

Mail Tracking MailButler

In closing, these features make MailButler an amazing tool to help you send emails. If you are prone to sending many emails every day, this app will definitely save you time.

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