I’ve found that every time I update my Plesk 11 server, I can no longer send or receive email. I was able to find the following messages in my maillogs….

Here are a handfull of extremely time saving commands, functions, and scripts that you can run on your Plesk 11 server. Hopefully these will be very helpful if you are ever in a bind.

Quick command to recover the Plesk 11 root password

If you find yourself working with and creating PDF files on a regular basis, the latest version of Adobe Acrobat is well worth a long look. Acrobat XI really beefs up overall performance, especially on a Mac. This new version also comes integrated with Adopbe’s powerful new electronic signature service called Adobe Echosign — which nothing short of rocks!

When mail system doesn’t recognize the Equifax certificate authority as valid, This problem stems from the fact that Google changed certificate providers from Thawte to Equifax.

Here is a quick and dirty guide to mounting an Amazon S3 drive to your EC2 instance on Centos 6 / RHEL linux systems.

This article is a reference for the configuration and log file locations of services that interact with Plesk 11.

This simple script will automatically detect and change your Amazon EC2 instances hostname to the correct value.

The correct tool for creating users is snmpusm. To get the snmp v3 encrypted goodness going run,

This is a great tutorial on automating server to server backups using RSYNC and SSH.

Duplicate content during SEO optimization is a major problem faced by Wordpress users, because of the inherent category and tag pages. This simple robots.txt file will help eliminate those errors.

Pixa is an essential tool for designers, icon makers, web developers and any one who has libraries icons, stock photos, graphic elements, or stock photos or any kind of images.

Blotter Desktop Calendar Blotter present your iCal calendar events and reminders right on your desktop with this stunning calendar viewer. Blotter has quickly become one of my crucial ‘can’t live…

In my quest to find the perfect GTD client, I constantly switch back and forth between OmniGroup’s Omnifocus and Cultured Code’s Things. I have also recently become accustomed to using…

Rosetta Stone 4 Language Learning Software Rosetta Stone v4 for Mac and iPad app is a great product for anyone looking to learn a new language. I’m sure you’ve heard…