Have you considered that your applications are constantly sending out bits of personal information. How much of that is safe, and not being sold? If you’re not sure, read this review of Little Snitch 3 for Mac OSX.

APC is an opcode cache that can significantly speed up your PHP applications. When dealing with Plesk web servers with multiple users and websites, APC PHP cache might be required in order to achieve reliable server performance.

Tuning Plesk servers for optimal Apache PHP / FCGI performance can be a nightmare. Here is a great guide on getting you started. Special thanks to the LinuxDriver blog for…

Shimo Multi-client VPN Software If you haven’t tried Shimo, then now is the time to jump on board. Shimo is the perfect VPN software solution for Max OSX. It supports…

Skeddly is the automation toolbox for Amazon EC2. Automate your instance behaviors like start / stop, server load re-sizing, EBS & Snapshop backup and more.

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have realized that you webserver has been infected with malware or badware due to your site being blocked on Google. Web…

When working with Amazon AWS EC2 instances, there may come a time when you need to quickly update all of your Plesk domain IP addresses.

Guide to setting up Swap Space on an EBS volume of a Centos/Ubuntu Linux Amazon EC2 web server.

This simple command line script will allow you to update the IP associated with all of your Plesk domains & subscriptions. This is useful for EC2 instances where the IP address may change frequently.

A good guide and refresher on how to create or delete partitions on Linux (Red Hat or Centos). This is especially handy for those new Cloud installations and EBS volumes.

Over the last few months, I’ve been testing out some of the various premium filter packages for Lightroom 4. A note on the Lightroom 4 preset engine: While initially writing…

Adobe Fireworks CS6 incorporates jQuery Mobile framework allows you to quickly customize, modify, and export themes and skins, extract CSS code in one step, and easily build and export CSS sprites. This review focuses on the ease of using the CS6 functionality to develop a mobile theme design.

Custom Dark Color Theme for Panic’s Coda 2 by Night Lion.

Dreamweaver CS6 has added new tools for working with sites that scale from desktop, to tablet, to phone, using some of the latest CSS features. Even so, it’s still the familiar Dreamweaver with the same mix of design and code, and support for just about any web authoring technology you can think of. Newly added support includes: Fluid grid layouts, CSS3 transitions, Enhanced jQuery Mobile support, Updated PhoneGap Build integration

Lightroom 4 is a substantial upgrade which provides users with additional granularity, quality, and control in the image editing process. The additional improvements to areas such as the video editing capabilities continue to solidify Lightroom as an industry standard.