Since the G2700 ISO 27001 / 27002 certification was an open book exam, I needed a way to quickly find the material I was looking for without having to go through mounds of papers during the exam. Having a printed Index seemed like a logical solution. I tested several applications and was extremely happy with PDF Index Generator.

The best email spam filter for the Mac, period. Spamsieve provides the missing spam filter for Mac Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox.

Refog Key Logger Mac My wife and I needed a way to spy on monitor her teenage daughter. I experimented with a few key logging solutions for the mac, but…

Linkinus IRC Client Conceited Software’s Linkinus is the be-all end-all for Mac IRC clients. I realize that’s a fairly strong statement to make, but it’s well deserved. Linkinus is easy…

The Hit List is very powerfultask list that is dead simple to use; it’s as easy as Wunderlist, and considerably more powerful. While I still continue to use Omnifocus, my…

I couldn’t find any Backtrack wallpapers that I liked, so I decided to make a few of my own. My Backtrack Pack includes two minimal, hi-res wallpapers, and the Backtrack Logo in vector (EPS) format. I couldn’t find the official Backtrack logo in vector format anywhere, so I traced my own in Illustrator.

If you work at your computer, and your work involves typing at all, TextExpander is a must-have utility. TextExpander is a time saving tool; You type in a shortcut key, and it inserts your frequently used text. This is tremendously helpful in saving time when working on repetitive emails and tasks.

Netshade provides a graphical user interface that allows you to anonymously browse the internet by routing your traffic through a proxy server.

Hailed as “The calendar you’ll actually enjoy using,” Fantastical does not disappoint. Flexibit’s Fantastical acts as an enhancement to Mac OSX’s existing calendaring system, rather than a full replacement. In short, it’s a really easy to use Calendar add-on, which will allow you to add and view your multi-calendar events from a simple icon in your menu bar.

With the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion this month, Apple will no longer offer a bootable installer DVD and is making 10.7 Lion available only through the App Store. This guide provides quick instructions on how to use the OS X 10.7 Lion installer to create a bootable flash drive (instructions for making a bootable DVD are also included on the blog).

SuperDuper is an advanced disk copying program, allowing you to create bootable clones of your Mac OSX hard drive.

In no time at all, Omnioutliner integrated itself into my day to day activities. This is another great app by OmniGroup which has become an invaluable tool in my daily workflow.

A custom dark color theme for Aptana Studio 3. This is a port of my Aptana 2 theme, with some new updates. Enjoy!

PDFKey will unlock, recover and/or decrypt the password/lock mechanism found in PDF files. With a single click, this PDFKey will remove all document copy protection without needing the password.

The only three tools you should need to completely replace Adobe’s overly expensive Acrobat Pro. Everything you will need to read, edit, merge, create, and sign PDF documents.