Website DDoS attack protection through Managed DNS

Posted on September 19, 2013

Denial of Service attacks are a major concern for websites, networks, and cloud servers. A denial of service attack is when a malicious hacker (or group) floods your network. Think of it like trying to fill a coffee cup with a fire hydrant.

A Primer on Denial of Service attacks

By flooding the target, your network becomes so busy dealing with external requests that it doesn’t have time to respond to legitimate user’s requests. This produces long delays and outages affecting your speed in dealing with requests. Managed DNS providers like DNSMadeEasy give effective defense by creating a barrier against potential network threats through a multi-tiered framework of redundant server clusters and security protocols.


Helping prevent Denial of Service attacks

DNSMadeEasy or any managed DNS service is not a 100% solution — nothing is. At the very least, managed DNS will provide another barrier to help keep your systems online.
DNSMadeEasy creates a virtual barrier against network threats using a multi-tiered framework of redundant server clusters and security protocols. They guarantee all queries sent to our network will be answered uninterrupted with some of the fastest response times on the internet.– that means NO DOWNTIME, even during a DDoS attack!

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Why we use DNSMadeEasy

Aside from the obvious, here are some other other resons we ended up going with

  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection Services
  • Proprietary and Open Source DDoS Mitigation Devices
  • Remote Traffic Black-holing and Bandwidth Capacity Agreements with Upstream Providers
  • Distributed Infrastructure Monitoring Utilizing Internal and Third Party Monitoring Services
  • Automated Zone Comparison on all DNS Servers


If you're not sure if you need these services, please feel free to drop us a line or ask in our forums.
If you're ready to give custom DNS a try, use this link to get a free free 30 day trial.

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