Lightroom 5: My Two Favorite High Quality Preset Packs that ROCK

Posted on January 20, 2014 has put together two pretty fantastic sets of Lightroom 5 preset packs. The two I will be looking at today are the Fashion Editorial Collection, and the Faded Film + Light Leaks collection, which includes 36 light leak presets, 7 light leak brushes, 7 film burn brushes, and 20 custom vignettes. As you will see below, both preset packs can have a very dynamic and dramatic effect on your photos.

Fashion Editorial Preset Collection by

For the first preset example, I decided to use a photo of my beautiful wife on our wedding day. This is a great photo by itself, but sometimes you might want to give your photos a little extra pop.


The edited version of the photo, while faded, actually shows even more detail. Focusing on the foreground, the brides dress shows a distinct contrast between the body and layers that wasn’t as visible before as the silhouette takes on an added dimension. The Fashion Editorial preset I used now gives it an ethereal quality by lightening the tree trunks, slightly blurring the twigs and branches, and blending the magnolia tree in with the tulips, grass, and sunlight. This transforms the overall aesthetic from a blatantly obvious wedding day photo to an image that looks like the front page of a fashion magazine.

Adding Subtle Color Variations to Modernize your Photos

The presets that I used in the Fashion Editorial Collection allow me to add a very subtle touch to my photos, giving them a really clean version of today's popular photo filters. In this next example, the preset added a very subtle touch, but it was enough to lighten and enhance the entire image without going overboard with the colors.



Make your photos POP by combining presets and Light Leaks

To start, I took a picture of beautiful Danielle Raye spraying herself with glitter.


The vintage look is really popular right now, an aesthetic that’s usually achieved with filters and presets. For the sake of this article, I did not perform any type of color or tone correction before applying the presets. For this photo, I applied a single preset from the Fashion Editorial Collection. This is a pretty modern (and retro) looking preset, which has added a completely new layer of depth to the photo.

Adding the Finishing Touches with Light Leaks

You can add an additional touch to the photo using the “light leaks” presets, which mimick the effect of light “leaking” into the camera and overexposing the film. The second edit I made Danielle's photo made the changes much more dramatic. Instead of just fading the colors and aging the photo, I let a lot of light “leak” in, causing a really overexposed look that highlight the contrast and brightness even more.


I hope the pictures and photo effects speak for themselves in terms of what the preset packs can do. did a pretty amazing job with both of these collections. For only $59, the Fashion Editorial Collection is a real steal. They also have a Master Collection which I highly recommend. If you haven't already seen it, please click here to view my previous blog post of the Master Suite Collection, which contains a number of other cool retro, modern, and finishing presets.

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