Memorial Day Premium Lightroom Preset Giveaway and 50% Discount

Posted on May 10, 2014

Currve Media is teaming up with to give three lucky readers the chance to win one of PresetShop’s revolutionary Lightroom Preset Bundles. Entering is free! Winners will be randomly selected, but having more points will help your chances of winning. See below for details.If you haven't already seen it, don't forget to check out the blog we posted last week on the Top Lightroom 5 Premium Preset Bundles for 2014. Don't want to wait? Click here to visit and use coupon code pscurvve50 to save 50% on your ENTIRE order!

Contest Details & Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle Prizes

Applying to the contest is free and easy. Follow the instructions below to earn points towards your prize. The more points you have, the better your odds of winning. Some items allow you to earn additional points EVERY DAY, so be sure to come back and earn as many points as possible.

Grand Prize: Retrograde Presets for Lightroom – Twin Back Bundle

The RetroGrade Film preset collection for Adobe Lightroom represents's newest and most advanced photo processing bundle. The bundle contains unique, modern, and professionally designed filter collection. The prize bundle consists of both Retrograde preset collections: color photo processing pack and black and white.

The bundle contains 65 color looks, 50 black and white looks, as well as an additional 46 presets including fades, film toning, film grains, vignettes & softening filters, including subtle film fades, warm sun kissed treatments, dreamy looks, vintage looks & expired film looks, all inspired from the look and feel of analogue films from Kodak®, Fuji® & Polaroid®.

Product Value: $149
Click here for more information on the the Retrograde Lightroom Presets




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1st Place: Faded Film, Light Leak, and Vignette Preset Bundles for Adobe Lightroom

The Faded Film Collection consists of 20 faded film looks, 10 color presets and 10 black and white presets. Film look presets with lots of fades both in shadows and highlights, muddled vintage looks, color abnormalities as in expired analogue film, washed out muted colors, hazy photo effects and much more.

Unique light leak Lightroom presets and brushes simulate the look of camera light leaks and film burns. From hazy whites to colorful film burns as well as toy camera and instant film looks.Combine the light leak Lightroom presets with Faded Film presets and finish off with the Vignettes Collection to complete the look of old film and photo paper borders.

Product Value: $89

Click here for more information on the the Faded Film + Light Leaks Lightroom bundle




2nd Place: Fashion Editorial Preset Bundle

The PresetShop Fashion Editorial Bundle is a collection of 20 of PresetShop's most loved editorial color treatments. The treatments have been used in a variety of fashion and advertising campaigns and have been used in production of a wide range of fashion editorials worldwide. These plugins give a very modern/retro-ish look, which is an incredibly popular style for photo re-touching.

Product Value: $69

Click here for more information on the the Fashion Editorial Preset Bundle




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To redeem your discount, visit and enter code: pscurvve50 at checkout.

Want more presets? Check out the Master Suite Collection!

The Master Suite Collection is the mack daddy of all preset collections,
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Contest Rules and Instructions

This is a social media based contest. The contest works by giving you points every time you perform one of the tasks listed on the widget. The winners are selected randomly. The more points you have, the better your chance of winning. Be sure to do all of the items on the list to increase your odds. Also, some of the items can be claimed every day, so be sure to check back daily!

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