MetaBliss for Mac - an MP3 ID3 editor that rivals Mp3Tag for Mac OSX

Posted on March 02, 2014


When I switched to Mac OSX, I was shocked that I wasn't able to find a decent MP3 ID3 editor for Mac OSX. Until recently, Mp3tag for Windows was, by far, the easiest way to add ID3 tags to your MP3s. There are a number of programs for Mac OSX that perform this function, but none have been very good.

MetaBliss for Mac is as simple as it is powerful

MetaBliss is incredibly simple and intuitive. You drag in tracks from your finder or iTunes, and can start modifying your tags. You can select multiple rows and perform a ‘Global Replace' to edit multiple files in batch mode. When you're finished making changes, just save your changes, and you're done.

MetaBliss for Mac screenshot

Where to buy

Click here to download a demo of MetaBliss for Mac or purchase up a copy for only $20

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