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Posted on October 04, 2014


As a small business owner, I conduct a lot of my marketing campaigns using social media. Social media marketing is no different than any other type of marketing; I need to develop a plan, put the plan into action, and most importantly, I need to gauge that plan to see how successful it was. I can’t just arbitrarily post information and expect people to “like” my updates, statuses, pages, tweets, etc. I need to carefully craft a marketing campaign. Oktopost helps me do that.

Oktopost for Streamlining Social Media Marketing

Oktopost is about more than just collecting arbitrary followers. It helps me generate quality followers by allowing you to schedule all of your social media marketing campaigns in-advance, and letting the application do the rest of the heavy lifting.

oktopost main screen

Automate and Schedule Social Media Campaign Posting

Social media post scheduling is the crux of why Oktopost is such a powerful social media tool. Oktopost’s scheduling feature that allows me to arrange all of my posts for various social media platforms in advance. If I have several As part of my marketing campaign, I can decide what I want to post, who I want to target, and when I want to post it.

This is the best part as I can effectively expand my reach by delivering to multiple groups, or I can select groups or people who meet certain criteria that I’ve set and I can deliver customized content that is relevant to these specific target audiences. This means that I am not delivering useless information and flooding people’s news-feeds.  I also don’t have to worry about logging out and then logging back in, which saves me time as well!

oktopost calendar scheduling

Oktopost is incredibly simple and immensely powerful

Oktopost is very straightforward, user-friendly, and simple to understand. It allows me to manage multiple accounts from a single login, streamline multiple workflows between several employees, and provides detailed analytical reports. Since I often help many of my clients create social media campaigns, this is the perfect layout. The reports compare the effectiveness of their social media campaigns by analyzing clicks, conversions and engagement, amongst other variables. Since some of my clients are not incredibly tech-savvy and don’t necessarily have the time to learn how to do all of their own social media management, this is incredibly useful.

Oktopost-Schedule screen

Conclusion: Oktopost is my tool of choice for Social Media marketing

Final Rating: 10/10

Oktopost makes everything easy to understand and has a convenient dashboard for immediate access to all tools and functions. Oktopost also provides easy-to-understand analytics that show me which of my posts, networks, profiles, and groups are most effective to my campaigns. The price is fairly inexpensive compared to other tools on the market, making this a no-brainer if you do any type of social media marketing.

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