Sidekick - Email Tracking tool for Sales and Marketing Pros

Posted on September 30, 2014


Hubspot has recently unveiled Sidekick, an impressive “sales acceleration product”, that arms your sales force with tools to improve productivity and workflow.

There are 2 main parts to Sidekick:  1) Email Tracking and 2) Contact Research

Email Tracking for Sales and Marketing Professionals

There are a number of email tracking tools out there, but I ended up choosing Sidekick for one very simple reason: Integration with OSX Mail.

Everyone other email tracking solution is fixated on GMAIL or Outlook and everyone seems to ignore Mac users. Given the size of the Mac business community, it’s very surprising.

Sidekick lives within your browser and instantly alerts you when your contact opens one of your emails. It’s the perfect sales and marketing tracking tool because it gives you real-time insight into when someone is reading or clicking on a link in a message that you have sent. It also notifies you everytime they have openend your message which can be a great way to guage interest in what you’ve sent them. Sidekick works as an add-on or by itself.

Contact Research from GMAIL

No longer do you need to spend a lengthy amount of time researching prospective contacts; Sidekick provides you with important information about your contacts; work history, social media, profession, email history and mutual contacts. This is a huge time saver and has freed up a tremendous amount of research time without disrupting my workflow.

What’s missing from Sidekick

The area where Sidekick falls short is in email templates and email scheduling. Their website promots the ability to use saved email templates, but only through SalesForce. They also state that email scheduling will be coming soon. Other products like Yesware already have both, but no plans for OSX integration which is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

Terrible Support

Also worth noting is that SideKick's support is completely awful. I've sent 5 emails in the past 3 weeks and have not received a response to a single one. Also, trying to get a working build for OSX Yosemite is a huge undertaking. They finally sent me one, but it wasn't compatible with the latest build… I offered to just build it myself but they stopped responding. It's been about 3 weeks and they have stopped responding to any of my requests since then.

Conclusion: Sidekick has become an essential tool in my sales process

Final Score: 8/10

The Mac OSX integration and instant desktop notifications make Sidekick an incredible value at only $10.


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