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PresetShop Juices Lightroom 6 with New Premium Presets

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presetshopWhether you’re shooting 100 tabletop product pix, or a location shot with a dozen models, when you capture that perfect shot your job has just begun.

In post-production, you turn that perfect image into a memorable visual using industry-standard photo manipulation software from Adobe and from

Photo editors have been using Adobe software for decades, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has become standard issue in any well-equipped post house. It’s the industry standard and I’ve been using it and writing about it for some time now.

Now, there’s new stuff from PresetShop for Adobe post-production software to turn good images into images that won’t be overlooked by prospects.

Free Lightroom Tutorials and Guides

I’ve previously written about PresetShop and the flexibility this digital photo editor delivers with presets and filters that simplify image manipulation to deliver the perfect look for your clients – whoever they are, whatever they want. Well, guess what: PresetShop just got even better.


PresetShop has developed an innovative new website with more features to make its software easier to use:

  • enjoy a wider selection of filters and plugins to simplify post production and increase company margins because you and your team get more done faster;
  • find the right filter faster with simplified site navigation;
  • shorten the learning curve with simple “how-to” tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions, and display the results of each feature so you get the image you’re after – faster;
  • use plugins and filters for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, juicing your ability to tailor each image to your standards and client specs;

The Best Free Lightroom Presets

PresetShop continues to lead the way with the best premium and free Lightroom presets. There is nothing else like it. Here are some of the cool things the new website and Lightroom presets offer.

  • grab some free tools, like Workflow to speed up editing, and Looks No.1 to make each image pop and get noticed by consumers;
  • snag some product specials: Chrome 01, Retrograde, Effects 01 and 02, Faded Film and more at discounts your bookkeeper will love;
  • create output that looks sharper, cleaner, and just plain better, customizable to your spec sheet;
  • purchase great deal software bundles to save you even more;
  • subscribe to a free (and useful) newsletter that’ll increase proficiency using Adobe and PresetShop software;
  • enjoy upgrades when they become available.

Try the Best Lightroom Presets site

If you are interested in high quality Lightroom presets, give the new PresetShop website a try. You'll see that they have the best Lightroom presets on the market.

Top Premium Lightroom 5 presets for 2014: Preset Shop & Seim

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Every photographer knows that the creative process doesn’t end with pressing the shutter button — it marks the beginning. I've searched far and wide for the best premium preset packs for Lightroom 5, and I've definitely settled on two: Preset Shop and Siem.

Preset Shop Master Suite for Lightroom 5


The most important thing I noticed immediately with the Preset Shop bundle is how many combinations I can achieve. The Preset Shop presets provide color alterations and combinations similar to that of Hipstamatic and Instagram – but much more high quality. With 19 collections, over 300 presets, and 80 brushes, the Master Suite doesn't compare to a single other preset bundle on the market.

Putting the Master Suite to the test

One of the biggest problems I run into when shooting cityscapes is adequate color saturation and problem areas in shading. The Natural Light Collection is perfect for me addressing this editing need, as I can instantly retouch small corners and sections easily. I have to make sure lines, silhouettes and depth are as clear as seeing it in person. The City Lights, Noir, and Vintage Collections all allow me to turn my photos into high-quality snapshots in no time.

Retrograde Plugins

The RetroGrade Collection is my personal favorite of the bunch, featuring 65 color presets, 50 black-and-white presets, and an additional 46 presets for fade effects, film toning, grains, vignettes and softening.

Bottom line, Retrograde is the ultimate preset pack for vintage looks and subtle analogue film finishing for your photography and video editing.

(Photo credits: Girl sitting: Natalie Brockett | Girl flicking hair: The Lady & Rock)

How to Buy Preset Shop Plugins for Lightroom 5

The Preset Shop bundles range in prices. Head over to for more information.

SEIM Power Workflow and Color Fantasies

I’m also a big fan of SEIM Effects presets for Lightroom. They are both truly brilliant products from award-winning photographer Gavin Seim. He’s included Power Workflow 4 and Color Fantasies, two inclusions that make the editing part of photography a breeze.

Power Workflow 4: Subtlety at its finest

Power Workflow has more than 75 presets, allowing me to mix and layer presets to find the perfect solution for any photo. The Magic Fixes would have to be my favorite; with a click, I can address frequent problems with shade, sunlight and even fix red faces. In addition, the Super Series X gives me the ability to tone, pump up the resolution and add subtle vignettes to give my photos amazing results. I must add that the Pushed Silver, Silver Light and Easy Silver are three go-tos that I my wife uses when working on bridesmaid pictures — She says they turn out exquisite.

Sublety is the name of the game with the Power Workflow presets. These presets aren't designed to completely change your photo like Instagram. Instead, Power Workflow 4 kicks photo editing up a notch with extremely powerful image fixes that really add a lot of dramatic edge to my photos. This is definitely a powerful addition to the Seim Effects Photo Toolbox.

SEIM Color Fantasies 2: Color blending and dramatic flair

Color Fantasies 2 is another new color blending toolkit. By taking subtleties of color and tones, photographers are able to customize their photo to ensure that the vision they want to create comes out loud and clear. All tools have been re-mastered or created so that professional photographers can mix, blend and leverage these color subtleties in their own way, creating a unique signature piece. These colors range in 5 categories, from color to cinema tones. I like using the cinema tones; the end result gives an old time feel of class without losing clarity or sharpness. It is also a nice feature to have vignettes available, as well as the ability to change exposure.

Where to find Seim Effects

Both Power WorkFlow and Color Fantasies are can be picked up from

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