PuTTY SSH Custom Dark Color Theme for Windows

Posted on September 19, 2009

Here is the first of many upcoming color themes. I've been spending a good chunk of my day in PuTTY lately, and I wanted to develop my own custom color theme based on a dark background. I received a lot of my inspiration for this theme from IGVITA's 2008 Dark Color Theme for PuTTY .


Putty colors can only be imported via the registry. To install the colors, download the zip file, open it, and run the .reg file within it. It will import a NightLion color theme to your PuTTY terminal. Enjoy!

Screen Shots



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  • CuteDBA says:

    Thank you for publishing this theme. I’m afraid I downloaded it and when double clicking on the registry key, only the text and the background are changed. I want to have a colorful putty on my desktop as the one that is shown above. Please let me know you to do it well. Thank you.

    • Night Lion says:

      It sounds like your ANSI support is not turned on. From the main Putty screen, click on the Window > Colours option. Please make sure the first three options on this page are checked. They are:
      – Allow terminal to specify ANSI colours
      – Allow terminal to use xterm 256-colour mode
      – Bolded text is a different colour.

  • CuteDBA says:

    Hello Night Lion,
    I checked the colours option and assured the three options are checked. Logged off the machine then login again, .. still the same 🙁
    Where else shall I check?

  • Ohciel says:


  • nerdess_dot_net says:

    thanks for this cute little color scheme, it really improves my putty experience 🙂

  • M4he says:

    The download link is broken 🙁

    Does somebody still have the file?

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