OSX Dark Terminal Theme for Mac Snow Leopard with Custom Bash Prompt

Posted on January 08, 2010

A new theme for OSX terminal. Hopefully this will breathe some life back into those of you who need a fresh change. I was motivated to do this after seeing the IR Black theme (for both Textmate and Terminal). The colors used in that theme were somewhat similar to mine, so I decided to create something a little different. Enjoy.


  • Install SIMBL
  • Install TerminalColors plugin for SIMBL (instructions available on Ciarán Walsh's blog). If you are using Snow Leopard, please make sure to download the correct 64bit SIMBL plugin (direct link from GitHub here).
  • Download / Extract the Theme zip file.
  • Import the NightLion terminal theme.
  • Important: Update your .bashrc file. This is critical for displaying the correct colors and prompts. I have included a copy of my bashrc file in the terminal theme zip. To udpate your .bashrc file:
    • Open a new terminal window
    • Type “sudo nano .bashrc”
    • Copy the code from the included bashrc file or from the code below and paste it into your .bashrc file.
    • Press Ctrl-X to exit (yes to save).

Sample Screens



.bashrc Code

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  • thanks alot this is great, the other theme i had, had no color syntax for nano. you rock

  • Keven Marin

    Thanks Dude!
    I like the bashrc configuration.

  • Briggs

    Thanks for your post. I dig your theme. Only one problem with your “export PS1” variable on your post (not the bashrc file, that is fine). The > symbol for the prompt was escaped to ‘>’. (Hopefully my escaping for this post will come out right as there is no preview). But if it didn’t I’ll just say: “The ‘greater than’ symbol was replaced with the HTML entity ‘ampersand+gt+semi-colon’. So, someone copying from your post might not understand why their terminal has that entity. But, perhaps you meant it as a lesson! 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for the theme, it looks nice. Change is always good!


  • kris

    Though the theme shows up, the colors are nothing like your screen shots, and the brackets don’t appear for me.

  • Awesome theme, loving it.

  • Toby

    I figured out the problem here.
    You need to add the .bashrc code to ~/.bash_profile not ~/.bashrc

    everything works after that.

  • penra

    How do I import the NightLion Terminal theme?

  • Idiot

    I pasted your bash.rc overwriting what was already in mine… is this correct? I have just had a minor panic attack after realizing that i dont fully (read as “at all”) know what im doing. As such i dont know what i deleted in doing this… please advise?


  • Michael

    I was having trouble with the .bashrc portion until I read Toby’s comment. Using .bashrc_profile got it done.

  • Ryan Marsh

    I’ve noticed that the first line of any command output is brighter than the rest. Is there any way to solve this?

    • Check out a terminal color codes list on google. One of the last ones is a dark color code. You can replace it with a light color, or whatever you want.

  • d1egoaz


  • macguy

    Hi –

    A little warning for those on Lion. Its terminal program rejects the symbols plug-in. You get a nasty message when its starts up (something about the plugin wasn’t tested so it’s disabled)..

    Just FYI…

  • Emrah Atılkan

    did not worked on lion.

  • mdawg5000

    Anyone have the problem that a long line wraps around on the same line and then everything goes haywire? Something in the .bashrc code makes it do that.

    • bashASF

      Yes i have this also. Its from the PS1 export. I dont know how to fix it though -__-

      • bashASF

        Here is my solution 🙂

        #colors txtred='[e[0;31m]’ # Red txtwht='[e[0;37m]’ # White txtgry='[e[0;30m]’ # Grey bldgrn='[e[0;32m]’ # Green bldylw='[e[0;33m]’ # Yellow end='[e[0m]’    # Text Reset# Custom colorsexport CLICOLOR=1alias ls=”ls -G”export PS1=”${end}${txtgry}[${end}${bldylw} h${end}:${bldgrn}w ${end}${end}${txtgry}]${end}n${txtgry}[${end}${txtred} T ${end}${txtgry}] > ${end}”

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