Aptana Studio 3 Custom Dark Color Theme

Posted on July 01, 2011

A port of my dark color theme to Aptana Studio 3. Aptana is still my IDE of choice on Mac and PC.

This was incredibly difficult to get right because of a bug that exists in the theme color selector of the Mac OSX version of Aptana 3. Essentially, if you pick a color, then close the color picker window, the color changes slightly. It was a real pain, so I hope you enjoy the set!



To install the theme, go to Preferences > Aptana > Themes > Import

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  • Chris Williams

    That’s awesome! Great to see that you were able to get your theme done, especially due to that annoying Mac Eclipse color shift bug (due to gamma correction stuff).

    You can actually edit the exported plist file to further tweak the rgba values in case the shift bug continues to bite you.

    BTW, would you mind if we included this theme for all our users? If not, you can post a ticket here for me and ask me to include it: http://jira.appcelerator.org/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa

  • marco

    It’s more different from “Aptana Studio 2 IDE Dark Color Theme”.
    There is a plan to do a similary of “Aptana Studio 2 IDE Dark Color Theme” ? Thank you

  • William C Grisaitis (@caravaggisto)

    Thanks a ton for this port of your killer theme to the inane tmTheme format! Must have been a pain. Tweeted accordingly.

  • Hi, this theme is very good.

    What is the font used in theme that is displayed at images on post ?

  • Julien

    Great theme ! Love it !

  • Breith BARBOT

    Génial ! Thank’s

  • John

    man this is top notch, keep up the awesome work

  • John

    hey is it possible to add sql support? it’d be awesome

  • lordzoster

    very useful, thank you for sharing.

  • Kender
    • vinnytroia

      Thanks for letting me know. I think the theme actually ships with Asana now, but I will fix the download links in a few. I will probably start a github page just to keep things simple.

      • kender

        I had downloaded Aptana yesterday, which is why I was looking for the theme for this computer (new work system).

        I looked at the default themes installed and do not see it with yesterdays download

        • vinnytroia

          The link is working now. You should be able to download the theme.

          • Kender

            Thanks a ton! Love the theme.

            Was going to have to export it from my home machine if it wasn’t fixed

  • Jefry Cruz

    Where is the download link?

    • Hi Jeff – The downloads are available for free in the blue “support us” box. If you like or follow us, the link will appear. Please let me know if you’re not seeing it?

  • George Mokbel

    Hi Vinny, just writing to say thank you for the theme, also I’m following you on G+ and hope to learn more from your posts as I’m beginning php. Thanks again.

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