OmniFocus Theme 3: Clean, simple and elegant

Posted on March 09, 2011

Here's a new theme that I created for OmniFocus. It is a bit of a cross between my previous two themes, but includes more elegant group separators for context views.


OmniFocus Theme Screenshot - Clean, Simple and Elegant

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  • Steve

    I love it, I just made the Rows a little narrower to show more on the screen when doing reviews.

  • chris

    This is a wonderful theme, thanks for sharing.

    One question: what setting do you use to get the lines to appear between actions?

  • drking

    Great theme. It’s very easy on the eyes, too.

  • This is my pick of all the Omnifocus themes I’ve come across.

    Of course, the trick now being to actually get some stuff done…

    Thanks for this.

  • I gotta ask—how did you manage to get the tiny, 1px gap between each item? I could never figure that out. 

    • NightLion

      I had to edit the source code of the theme file. There’s a bug in Omnifocus where the margins and padding don’t accurately reflect their values; so I had to just mess around with the values until it worked.

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