St. Louis SEO and Local Citation Building

Are you at the top of the search results for any of these local business directory search engines?

Organic SEO search

Curvve Media has a proven track record ensuring that your site is optimized and ready to be found at the top of any of the local directory searches.

While many of your potential customers search Google for information on local services, inevitably a large portion of them find their way to a local business directory. Local SEO and citation building services for St. Louis businesses help build your local profile on various local online business directories so that your business is found. Even if you can’t get your site ranked high for a specific search term, you can focus on getting your business to appear on the local directory site that ranks for that term. Most businesses are focusing more on local search and citation building versus the traditional method of organic SEO since it provides them with a much more focused target market.

Using local search engines & online directories promotes your business to local customers at exactly the point that they’re looking for your business. There’s no better time to connect with a potential customer then when they really need you.

64% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local business; only 28% of people use old paper directories as their preferred source of local information.

St. Louis Organic SEO

SEO Optimized Content

Local Search - Your Business

With Organic SEO, content is king. Your content will be the determining factor in how easily users can find the infromation they are looking for, and how well the content is picked-up (indexed) by the search engines. When it comes to search engine optimization, content improvement is the first step we take when working with our clients. Improving the quality of your content will dramatically increase your search results, and will help ensure that your site shows up in the proper place when internet users are searching for what you have to offer.

Local Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Which terms return local results in your city and industry? Where do you currently rank for those terms? Who are your top competitors? How many citations, reviews, and photos do your competitors have? What categories are they targeting? Our detailed keyword research and competitive analysis report will answer these questions and more. Check out this example report for a Baltimore based criminal defense attorney.

Link Building

Link building is a another major piece of the organic SEO process. Link building is is done by our staff researching and submitting your link to directories and search engines, social bookmarking sites, and article directories. Standard link building strategies are not enough in Local SEO. Curvve Media will help to identify local link targets and industry specific targets to make sure you're getting the right links with the right content, to ensure you're ranking properly in local searches.

St. Louis SEO statistics and trends

Organic and local search outperforms paid search across the board.

  • 85% of online searchers don’t click on paid links.
  • 77% of users choose organic over paid listings when searching online.
  • 40% of SEO campaigns see ROI over 500%; only 22% of PPC campaigns were comparable.
  • Organic search results are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than paid search results.
  • Pay per Click (PPC) costs rose 37% over the past year and continue to rise.