Server setup

Your Cloud Server – à la carte

Curvve media will help you setup and configure your server, from the group up. Whatever your flavor of Linux, we've got you covered.

Plesk and CPanel

Control Panel Management

Curvve specializes in Parallels Plesk, CPanel, and hosting control panel management, including initial setup, migration and on-going maintenance.

NSA-grade Security

Hardened to Defense CIS standards

Our servers are configured to the Department of Defense CIS standards, and include regular website security audits and vulnerability assessments.

PCI DSS Compliance

Piece of Mind for your online store

Curvve will fine tune its services to help you achieve the PCI DSS compliance requirements necessary to safely and securely manage your online store.

Software Updates

Managed software and patch updates

Curvve will monitor and ensure that all of your software and server components are kept up to date, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Linux, Apache, PHP, etc.

Daily Backups

On-site and Off-site backups optionse

When disaster strikes, you don't want to be caught without having on-site and off-site backups ready to restore at a moment's notice.

Service Monitoring

Email, Web, and DNS Service Monitoring

If there is a problem with your web, email, database, or DNS, we will be notifed immediately so we can work to restore services before your business is impacted.

Server Migration

Hassle-free moving with no downtime

Ready to make the switch? We will replicate and move your website and data from your old server to one of our managed cloud solutions, or to a new provider of your choice.

Server stability

Root Cause Analysis and optimization

Suffering from frequent server crashes? Curvve will help locate the problem’s root cause and fix your applications so they stay online and functioning efficiently

Threat Monitoring

Continious event and log analysis

24×7 monitoring of your web server's security events, firewall and server logs, software patch levels, and publicly published vulnerabilities.


Your website at 100% efficiency.

Whether it's an incorrect Apache configuration, overloaded databases, or disk I/O errors, Curvve Media will identify and eliminate your bottlenecks.

Support & Outages

24/7 On-Demand troubleshooting

Curvve will help you fix a wide range server related issues, including website errors, email delivery, virus and malware, network outages and other catastrophic failures.