Features of Curvve's Web Design services

Research and Analysis

Mess untangling and problem solving

Research and Analysis

The team at Curvve Media knows that having a relationship with our client is essential to giving you the highest quality product. We are committed to keeping our clients involved in our agile process.

The beginning of every project is our research and analysis phase. Our research will include:

  • Identifying stakeholders to understand their roles as they pertain to the project
  • Determining project goals from the user's perspective
  • Determining our clients needs in order to target usability requirements
  • Evaluating existing versions of the site, noting legacy features

Logo and Brand

Your logo. Your Brand. Your Identity.

Logo and Branding

Logo and branding go hand in hand; your logo is the first thing customers see; your logo tells your customer that you value their business and that you are a trusted company. Your brand should shout out the qualities of your company and why you are important to your customers.

Whether you need to re-brand, or refine your existing identity, Curvve Media can help you attract new customers to your organization by assisting with:

  • Name generation
  • Logo design
  • Color selection
  • Fonts and typography treatment
  • Brand guidelines

Conceptual Design and Mockups

Translating your ideas to sketches and prototypes

Web Content Design layout

This stage of the process involves gathered research to design initial concepts for the project. This is a collaborative process between Curvve and the project owner. There are usually several revisions to the initial designs before the concept and layout are finalized.

  • Create a Content Inventory to account for all expected site content.
  • Sketch out a site design and architecture.
  • Build mockups and wireframes for various pages of the website to initiate design discussions.
  • Model the user experience and then specify requirements for usability, user experience, functionality, data, the environment, and accessibility.
  • Evaluate usability through user tests and walkthroughs.

Content Writing

Well-written content, optimized for search engines

Web Content Design layout

Writing and preparing content for the Web requires a different approach than the process of writing and preparing content for print documents and publications. In addition, writing copy for the Web that grabs attention and gets results takes special skill and attention. The reality is, not every word on your website will be read. Most people do not have the time to read all of your website content, so we feel that it is important to get to the point quickly and effectively. Our content writers specialize in focusing on the material that is important, making it as easy as possible to find.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized your content for higher search engines placement.

SEO web design layout

Search Engine Optimization is a major component of Web projects. There are a number of factors that can influence search results including key word usage, word count, and word placement. Curvve's experienced content writers will write your website's copy, or rewrite existing copy, focusing on search engine keywords, and improving your search engine ranking.

Social Media

Extend your brand and connect with your customers

Social media is about communication with your audience. Creating a strong brand linked with social media ultimately leads to increased visitors to your website. Consumers using social media typically seek out deals and promotions on the different social media platforms, which can lead to enhanced business opportunities for your organization.

Generating Sales through Social Media

Business is all about sales, and there is no greater forum for driving attention towards your product than social media.

Social media will force you to pay adequate attention to your consumers’ queries by giving them a public forum to voice their opinions. As a result, this will make the consumer more confident in your ability to deliver and resolve issues. Once their issues have been resolved, your satisfied consumers will help to increase your sales through the referral of their friends and family.

Curvve Media can help in the following:

  • Social media setup for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more
  • Design attractive business pages
  • Target customers with competitive location-based coupons
  • Sell to your customers with E-Commerce