Growl has been (and still is) the defacto standard notification system for your mac. This latest update revives the interface and modernizes the app. Growl is one of those rare apps that instantly becomes indispensable, and you just can’t live without.

Navicat delivers incredible functionality database management functionality, wrapped in a perfectly designed package. while handling support for the major database types including MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Quickbooks 2012 Business Accounting   For those of you that don’t like to read long winded reviews, I’ll get right to the point: As an OSX user, you probably share the…

Since the G2700 ISO 27001 / 27002 certification was an open book exam, I needed a way to quickly find the material I was looking for without having to go through mounds of papers during the exam. Having a printed Index seemed like a logical solution. I tested several applications and was extremely happy with PDF Index Generator.

The best email spam filter for the Mac, period. Spamsieve provides the missing spam filter for Mac Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox.

Linkinus IRC Client Conceited Software’s Linkinus is the be-all end-all for Mac IRC clients. I realize that’s a fairly strong statement to make, but it’s well deserved. Linkinus is easy…

The Hit List is very powerfultask list that is dead simple to use; it’s as easy as Wunderlist, and considerably more powerful. While I still continue to use Omnifocus, my…

If you work at your computer, and your work involves typing at all, TextExpander is a must-have utility. TextExpander is a time saving tool; You type in a shortcut key, and it inserts your frequently used text. This is tremendously helpful in saving time when working on repetitive emails and tasks.

Netshade provides a graphical user interface that allows you to anonymously browse the internet by routing your traffic through a proxy server.

SuperDuper is an advanced disk copying program, allowing you to create bootable clones of your Mac OSX hard drive.

I no longer have a CD drive in my macbook pro, so I wanted to create a bootable USB key in case I ever needed to reinstall the operating system. This method also works great if you want to create a bootable USB Drive to load any other operating system. This method will work on Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

Rather than reviewing some of the newer apps, I wanted to take a few segments and review some of the more essential utilities needed for new Mac users. A feature missing from OSX is the ability to easily and efficiently burn CDs/DVDs. Burn solves that problem.

Maxprog has created the ultimate tool for online email marketing. MaxBulk Mailer is an application that allows you to send mass emails (in bulk) to your mailing list for no monthly cost. It’s a great tool for online marketing and mailing list management.

My list of some of the most important and crucial apps in my everyday workflow. The list contains a wide variety of apps, including file converters, GTD application, blog editor, a twitter client and more.

The Postbox 2.5 beta email client for Mac OSX was released today. My overall impression is that while Postbox has a very polished UI, it is lacking in a few key features that make it a truly usable solution for me.