Version two of the NightLion iTerm 2 dark color theme for OSX included multiple color refreshes which allow the text to pop, and should be easier to read.

This is a great resource showing a list of the best programming fonts, along with screenshots and download links. Click here to read the article

Custom Dark Color Theme for Panic’s Coda 2 by Night Lion.

This is by far the most clean and slimmed down theme I’ve designed for Omnifocus. I styled it to match the colors and themes found in the new OSX Lion interface. I think it’s a great fit.

I couldn’t find any Backtrack wallpapers that I liked, so I decided to make a few of my own. My Backtrack Pack includes two minimal, hi-res wallpapers, and the Backtrack Logo in vector (EPS) format. I couldn’t find the official Backtrack logo in vector format anywhere, so I traced my own in Illustrator.

A custom dark color theme for Aptana Studio 3. This is a port of my Aptana 2 theme, with some new updates. Enjoy!

iTerm 2 SSH Dark color terminal theme for Mac OSX, based on my other terminal themes.

A new theme that I created for OmniFocus. It is a bit of a cross between my previous two themes, but includes more elegant group separators for context views.

Two new and custom themes for Omnifocus for Mac OSX.

OSX Dark Terminal Theme for Mac Snow Leopard with Custom Bash Prompt

Custom Light on Dark Color theme for Aptana IDE (Eclipse) by NightLion

A new custom dark color theme for PuTTY SSH Terminal for Windows by NightLion.