Guide to Configure SNMP v3 and Change Default Community String - Linux

Posted on June 02, 2013

SNMP is a very powerful and useful tool to add to your Linux system. If you're using SNMP, make sure you have V3, as earlier versions have a number of serious security vulnerabilities. Also, make sure you change your default community string, as that can also be a major vulnerability.

Install SNMP and related libraries

Configure SNMP

Edit file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf using your favorite text editor, mine just happens to be nano.

Find / Replace


Replace with following lines (replace replace with your network IPs) :

2nd Find / Replace


Replace with:

3rd Find / Replace


Replace with:

4th Find / Replace


Replace with:

Testing your SNMP Server

Set the snmpd service to start on reboot or system start.

Test your snmp server

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