Mask your Identity Online: Use Proxies for Anonymity and SEO

Posted on October 07, 2013

Conceal your Identity with Proxies

Proxies are used to mask your identify from websites. For example, when you access your favorite website, that website will have a record of your IP address. A proxy server acts as a middleman between your computer and your computer’s target destination address. Using a proxy, when you try to reach your favorite website, your computer actually makes the connection to the proxy, and the proxy connects to the website. Now, the website will think that the proxy tried to connect, and not you.

Using a proxy connection, you can hide and encrypt your identity on the web, and even mask your connection by sending it through different servers around the world. I'm a huge fan of Lime Proxy. Their prices are cheap and you can select proxies throughout the U.S.


Advantages of Web proxies for SEO

The fact is, every website records your IP address for every request you make. Send enough requests, and you may get your IP address blocked – especially if you send a lot of queries using a keyword ranking software tool. Proxies are a good way to avoid that from happening.

From the perspective of SEO, Google, frowns upon their engine being hit multiple times from the same IP in a short time frame. This places a number of limitations on Search Engine Optimization. By using proxies, your connections are divided amongst a number of different connections, allowing us to complete our function without being detected. By cycling between a number of different proxies (I usually use 25), Google is kept in the dark about who is actually making the requests.

Your proxies need to be clean!

The single biggest reason that I continue to do business with use Lime Proxy is because their proxies always test clean. This generally means that the ip addresses have not been used for span, or other malicious activity. I’ve never had any issues with them. Click here to check out Lime Proxy.

Rapid SEO and Reputation Building

Sound interesting so far? Check back in tomorrow and I will post my process on how I use proxies for stealth SEO work and reputation building.

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