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Posted on December 02, 2013

SEO SpyGlass is next in our review of the SEO PowerSuite toolkit apps. SEO Spyglass is available as part of the awesome SEO Powersuite bundle, or as an individual application. Spyglass is a competitor backlink checker. I used this tool a lot in building my link building strategy. There's really nothing better you can do than spy on your competition and see what citation sources they are using to generate traffic.


Why is SEO Spyglass an important tool?

Modern search engines place a high value on links. The more quality links you have, the higher you'll rank. If a site is linking to you, they are essentially casting a vote of trust. Links from different sites will gain you additional points with your search rankings. More important than quantity is the the quality of your backlinks. You need to have links from reputable or established sites.

How do you build quality SEO backlinks?

The fastest and easiest way to answer this question is to analyze what your competitors have already done. If you want to grab that coveted #1 spot for “backlink checker” in Google, you'll need to outrank your “backlink checker” competition. If they are already ranking well, then you can analyze and imitate their link strategy.

Link Research and SEO strategy

The strategy itself it actually pretty simple:

  1. Analyze A Top-Ranking Competitor
  2. Understand Why They Rank Well
  3. Develop your winning Blueprint

SEO Spyglass Features

  • The total number of backlinks your competitor has
  • The Google Page-rank of every backlink (see how important these links actually are to Google.)
  • The Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink (uncover your competitor's biggest traffic sources.)
  • The total number of Page-rank 0 to Page-rank 10 backlinks your competitor has (mirror these numbers, and you'll be able to beat your competitor's Page-rank.)

How to Buy SEO Spyglass

Price: $99 | Trial? Yes | SEO PowerSuite Bundle Discount | SEO Spyglass Homepage

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