Plesk 12 adds WordPress Management and Security Updates

Posted on August 11, 2014

Plesk 12 is a major upgrade that I couldn't wait to roll out. Plesk 12 allows providers to manage all of my websites, including adding and removing content and plugins, changing privileges, setting up new email accounts, create site templates, manage DNS entries, set up reseller accounts, manage SQL databases, create and manage themes, and so much more.

Plesk 12 WordPress Management

The biggest new feature in my mind is the new WordPress management. We manage multiple WordPress installations, and one of the major new features of Plesk 12 is its ability to manage WordPress based sites through the WordPress toolkit.

plesk 12 wordpress

The WordPress Toolkit allows users to manage multiple WordPress installations, easily install, update, and remove WordPress as well as securely install WordPress and harden existing installations by applying the most common recommended security settings with rollback support.

WordPress Toolkit also addresses the WordPress security matters. Installation of WordPress via APS now immediately provides customers with secure WordPress instance out-of-the-box. From a management perspective, you can also scan selected WordPress sites to make sure all of the plugins and installations are up-to-date and running the correct settings. Since some of the security improvements may affect the functioning of WordPress, its plugins or themes, these improvements can be rolled back if something goes wrong.

plesk 12 wordpress 2

Plesk 12 Security

In terms of security, Parallels Plesk 12 has a new security core which combines ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Antispam tools. The security core helps secure servers against persistent attacks, as well as increase uptime by automatically blocking malicious attacks in real-time. Outgoing spam protection prevents servers from being blacklisted.


Anyone who reads this blog knows we are big supports of Plesk. There will be other posts to follow. In the meantime, it's been a great update.

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