Base CRM - New sales focused projections and alerts features

Posted on September 24, 2015

Base is still my CRM of choice.

One of the reasons is because you don’t have to guess where sales are headed. Base delivers crunchable numbers to provide a more accurate picture of what the future holds based on current activity and business operations.


Base enables you to build sales forecast templates for each new engagement. No more guessing. No more best-case scenarios. No more human bias. Base delivers actionable data used to design a smooth road to increased sales.

Using Base’s Data Sales Forecasting features I can:

  • customize templates for virtually any business engagement;
  • view progress in real time – hourly, daily, monthly quarterly – I decide and Base alerts me when pre-defined conditions are met;
  • look into the future with greater confidence because Base delivers sales projections with greater accuracy and without human preconceptions;
  • actually predict which projects my company is likely to win, and which proposals need refinement; this one feature alone can boost the number of jobs or sales my company lands, and that’s sweet;
  • react quickly before potential problems ever become problems;
  • export Base’s sales projections to any device – smartphone, tablet, computer – I get the data forecasts I need where and when I need them.


Sales Sentiment & Negative Emails

One feature I appreciate using BASE CRM is measurement of sales sentiment–how consumers are reacting to my company’s products or services.

Base employs 24/7 AI to send alerts to my connectivity device when my company receives negative marks in an email. I know there’s a problem with a customer because I get realtime alerts to my mobile device. I get an immediate alert of a negative email sent to the home office a thousand miles away. It's pretty awesome.

Give Base CRM a try

The latest iteration of Base CRM delivers more features, stronger reporting, increased flexibility, and great support.
I use other CRMs, and in future posts I’ll talk about the pros and cons of those as well… but for now, Base is still my CRM of choice.

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