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Posted on September 13, 2015

Part of the popular SEO PowerSuite, Link Assistant's Rank Tracker provides the metrics you need to identify the most powerful keywords for your website while indicating your site’s PR in real time. I’ve used it, I know it, and I love it. So let's get right down to the major new stuff.

Google Penalty checking feature

By far the best addition to this already great package is the Google Penalty tracking feature.
The software matches changes in your organic traffic with the release of google algorithm updates and gives you a visual to track any changes. If google updates its search algorithms and your rankings drop around the same time, you know you've done something wrong.

This is the ONLY software on the market that offers this feature!!


Still king of the proxies

If you haven't seen my previous review on SEO Powersuite, you should definitly check it out. It contains info on one of the best features of RankTracker: Auto Proxy Switching! There's nothing worse than having google boot you for running too many queries. RankTracker has solved that problem by allowing you to switch proxies. It's awesome.

SEO Powersuite – covering all the basics

We all know that there’s a lot of SEO voodoo out there. SEO PowerSuitedelivers with improved metrics to refine site text, select keywords that competitors have overlooked, and generate information that plugs right in to Google Analytics, creating a clear picture of where a website ranks, and which keywords brought in traffic and which didn’t.

So what does Rank Tracker deliver? Lots of reliable data based on visitor activity and competitor activity – all in one easy-to-use package:

  • track performance for an unlimited number of websites, making Rank Tracker a must-have for SEOs, SEMs, site designers, and others who work the Internet;
  • track an unlimited number of keywords to determine each keyword’s value to improve SERPs positioning, and to lower costs of Google AdWords marketing;
  • collect data using proxies to hide your identity and to deliver search engine friendly metrics that are easy to interpret;
  • proxy rotation, an essential safety feature when working with reams of data to obtain anonymous access to search engine data;
  • human emulation generates metrics based on human behaviors when testing mass search engine queries;
  • random user agents rotation creates a number of user agents to replicate the range of human activity onsite without violating Google’s usage policies;

This is the ONLY SEO tool I use for a reason

One of the things I like most about Rank Tracker is that you don’t need to be an SEO wizard to determine the results Rank Tracker delivers. The GUI is modular and simple to use, check a single keyword or hundreds of them, and see the effectiveness of each keyword on Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The software has an “auto-pilot” feature so you don’t have to keep checking site performance.


Simply open Rank Tracker, click on the current project, and view the metrics that enable you to refine site performance and avoid search engine penalties that keep your well-optimized site on the back pages of SERPs where no search engine user goes.

Final thoughts – grab a FREE trial of RankTracker or SEO Powersuite

You can download a free trial of RankTracker by clicking the link below. If you like the product, you should also check out their full SEO Powersuite. It's a little more expensive, but very worth it. Be sure to check out my SEO PowerSuite review for more details.

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