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Posted on July 03, 2011

OmniOutiner for iPad

Create Outlines and Manage your Thoughts

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I've been waiting for the release of OmniOutliner for iPad for a while now. Even though this article is a bit overdue, but I can't convey enough how much omnioutliner has already integrated itself into my day to day activities. I am currently in school for my masters, and OmniOutliner provides a great way to start taking notes and organizing my projects. I use OmniOutliner for mac for the same purpose, but I've found that the iPad app, because of its portability, is my tool of choice.

OmniOutliner also functions in my workflow as a project management tool and business planning tool. I am currently working on a very lengthy DIACAP project (if you don't know what DIACAP is, be thankful), and the ability to quickly jot down and organize my thoughts is useful as a stepping stone for further project planning. It also comes down to personal workflow, but I personally can't go back to just randomly jotting down notes in textedit.

On the functionality side, the iPad app doesn't disappoint. The ability to save to Dropbox is monumental. I'm not sure that I would use the app if it didn't have that ability. I also like OmniOutliner for iPad comes with several existing styles and templates, including Solarized. My only feature request is that, in future versions of the app, you can start a new document using existing templates. You can accomplish this now by going to the example and creating a copy, but then you have to take the time to remove all of the pre-established text.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Price: $19.99 | Homepage | App Store Link

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