★ Postbox 2.5 Beta for Mac OSX - Good, but not great.

Posted on May 12, 2011

Postbox 2.5 beta was just released. While it has some cool new features, and a 2 line subject view, it still has a long way to go if it is going to compete with the new OSX Lion Mail or the upcoming Sparrow 1.2 release.

What I Like

  • The interface feels lighter and cleaner.
  • The Compose interface has been updated. The ability to select accounts on the fly is really well done.
  • The quick reply feature is awesome
  • The new message count style is cosmetically nicer.

Suggestions for Improvement

  • The two line ‘Outlook-styled' mail view is cool, but what happened to the Junk and Flagged buttons? I can't easily click on something to mark it as junk anymore. Also, why did starred items become checkmarks?
  • The message style for Sender's Name is bold, making it difficult to tell which messages are new and which aren't
  • Topics should become tags. In my opinion, the worst features of Postbox is ‘Topics'. Instead of being able to flag an email with a color, Postbox treats this as a ‘conversation' and marks everything by that sender in the same color. I use tags as flags. I use colored flags to differentiate between the type of message/project that I am dealing with. Topics completely ruins that.
  • There is no simple filter to view starred or tagged items across all folders. The quick search/filter bar is one area where Thunderbird really shines over Postbox
  • Please add pictures to the mail view


The Postbox 2.5 betaemail client for Mac OSX was released today. My overall impression is that while Postbox has a very polished UI, it is lacking in a few key features that make it a truly usable solution for me. If you want a free version of Postbox, check out Thunderbird.

Personally, I can't wait for the new Apple Mail in Lion.


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