★ Postbox 2.5 Beta for Mac OSX - Good, but not great.

Posted on May 12, 2011

Postbox 2.5 beta was just released. While it has some cool new features, and a 2 line subject view, it still has a long way to go if it is going to compete with the new OSX Lion Mail or the upcoming Sparrow 1.2 release.

What I Like

  • The interface feels lighter and cleaner.
  • The Compose interface has been updated. The ability to select accounts on the fly is really well done.
  • The quick reply feature is awesome
  • The new message count style is cosmetically nicer.

Suggestions for Improvement

  • The two line ‘Outlook-styled' mail view is cool, but what happened to the Junk and Flagged buttons? I can't easily click on something to mark it as junk anymore. Also, why did starred items become checkmarks?
  • The message style for Sender's Name is bold, making it difficult to tell which messages are new and which aren't
  • Topics should become tags. In my opinion, the worst features of Postbox is ‘Topics'. Instead of being able to flag an email with a color, Postbox treats this as a ‘conversation' and marks everything by that sender in the same color. I use tags as flags. I use colored flags to differentiate between the type of message/project that I am dealing with. Topics completely ruins that.
  • There is no simple filter to view starred or tagged items across all folders. The quick search/filter bar is one area where Thunderbird really shines over Postbox
  • Please add pictures to the mail view


The Postbox 2.5 betaemail client for Mac OSX was released today. My overall impression is that while Postbox has a very polished UI, it is lacking in a few key features that make it a truly usable solution for me. If you want a free version of Postbox, check out Thunderbird.

Personally, I can't wait for the new Apple Mail in Lion.


  • drking says:

    Where can one download and test out the new Postbox 2.5 beta?

  • NightLion says:

    I guess they haven’t listed it on their site yet. When you launch Postbox, the intro/news scree tells you that a new beta is available. You can click on the link to download it there.

  • drking says:

    ah, I see now. I had to restore my start page to Postbox’s default as had changed it — Now I see the notice for the download. Thanks!

  • Jack says:

    Not having any luck with this. What did you do drking? I’m gagging to see the beta!

  • drking says:

    Jack, S
    Sorry, I just now saw your question.

    See if you can click on your Home button in Postbox– you should get a message pane with the download link. If this doesn’t work, you can also change your Start Page (in Preferences) back to default and the download link should then show up in the message pane there. Let me know this helps and works for you.


  • Sascha says:

    drking, this does not work for me. I see the default start page, but it doesn’t contain any hints about the beta version whatsoever.

  • drking says:

    Sascha, See if this link works for you:


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