★ SpamSieve - The missing spam filter for Mac OSX Mail

Posted on September 01, 2011


Spam Filter for OSX Mail

Spam Sieve has been a god send for me. It's by far the best email spam filter for the mac, period. I'm forced to continue to check one of my email boxes which is littered with about 50-100 spam messages a day. Server controls can only do so much, and OSX Mai's built in spam control is nonexistent.

There isn't a lot to say except that Spam Sieve provides the missing link to filtering your junk mail. If you need to filter spam on your mac email, either with Mail, Thunderbird or Postbox, you need Spamsieve. Once you have the application open, you can install the correct plugin for your mail client. From there, open up mail and start training some messages. It doesn't take long before you are fully up and running.

The only thing I don't like about Spamsieve is the icon that continues to hang around the dock everything your email has launched. Luckily, there is a quick way to get around that. Click here for instructions on removing the SpamSieve icon from your dock.

Price: $30 | Trial? Yes | Homepage

Spamsieve whitelist

Spamsieve blocklist


  • Franck says:


    I like this software, but I would like to know if this feature exist in server-side and not in client-side??



  • orgarmamy says:

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