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Posted on July 15, 2011


Text Typing Shortcut Utility


I was first turned onto TextExpander by one of Shawn Blanc‘s posts on an article about ‘Using TextExpander to conquer email‘. He stated in his post, “The Big Ah-Ha Moment for me was when I realized that though I could use it to help automate my responses to certain common emails I get, that automation didn’t mean my replies were any less personal.”

I thought about this for a bit, and one day it finally hit me. A large portion of what I do during the day (especially in email), is repetitive. I've since set up quick keys to help speed up this process. Typing something like “hhome” will output my home address, or “wwork” will output my work address. It becomes extremely time saving, especially when taking into account that I may have to look up the correct zip code to my office before emailing it to someone.

Since then, TextExpander has become an essential tool in my everyday workflow. Once I started to use TextExpander, I couldn't believe how many of my emails and tasks were purely repetition. One of the features that I use the most is TextExpander's custom fill-in form templates. TextExpander's form function has turned out to be a great tool for quickly creating blog entries and reviews for this site.

The format for my blog posts and reviews is generally the same, including the custom code surrounding it. Using TextExpander, I can type in a shortcut, fill out the necessary data, and voila! My blog post is done in a few minutes.

If you haven't tried TextExpander, I would recommend it. Overall, it's a fantastic.

Price: $34.95 | Trial? yes | Homepage | App Store Link

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  • I couldn’t do without text spander- is such an invaluable program and so easy to use that everyone should have it and everyone will like it. It takes only a minute to create a macro that you will do over and over again and just seconds to add it to your e-mail or blog. This is one of the greatest time-saving programs ever. I heartily recommend it.

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