Fix: Plesk 11.5 with NGINX and PHP-FPM not rewrite WordPress Page URLs

Posted on June 07, 2013

Plesk 11.5 is still in beta, but shows a lot of potential due to its handling of PHP via PHP-FPM. When active in Plesk 11.5+ PHP-FPM is not properly re-writing WordPress page URLs, and is appending index.html at the end of each URL, causing a 404 error. We have reported the bug to Parallels. In the meantime, the solution can be solved by creating custom nginx.conf directives, either from the command line, or via the Plesk panel.

The Solution code

Adding the code via Plesk Panel

To do this via Plesk Panel, go to the domain's Web Server settings. At the bottom of the page (where PHP-FPM is activated), there will be a field for ‘Custom NGINX Directives'. Paste the code below into that box.

Plesk 11.5 PHP-FPM settings

Adding the code via Command Line conf file

If you are wanting to do this from the command line, create a ‘vhost_nginx.conf' file, within the root/conf folder each vhost. For example /var/www/vhosts/'. In that vhost, add the following:



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