★ 6 Lifestyle Apps for Mac OSX reviewed - Journal, Finance, Recipe, Family Tree, Stocks and a Productivity Timer

Posted on November 07, 2011

DayOne Journal

Journal / Diary / Text Logger


The easiest to use journal / diary / text logging application for the Mac is also the best looking. Day One is designed and focused to encourage you to write more. Using the Menu Bar quick entry and Reminder system, your memories and thoughts will be quickly preserved. Dropbox sync allows easy backup and syncing with the Day One iPhone and iPad applications.

I didn't think I would use this as much as I do, but the reminder system is awesome. It pops up a notification once a day (which can be manually set), and reminds me to enter a quick thought. I generally don't enter more than a few sentences, but over time, it will be a nice stream of collected throats. I'm really glad that I started using this. It will be nice to be able to look back and read whatever was going on in my life at the time.

Price: $9.99 | Homepage | App Store Link

Jumsoft Money

Personal Finance Manager

Jumsoft money

The best designed financial management app for Mac OSX. Period. There is finally a decent financial management app for the Mac.

Money provides small businesses and home users with a tool to track their finances. Among other features, version 4 features a redesigned interface, allows direct downloads from banks, and institutes smart importing rules and a document-based system that allows multiple users to work with a single copy of the application.

A slick interface. A document-based system designed for multiple users. A brand-new way of adding transactions. Direct downloads from financial institutions. Smart importing rules. Overhauled reports. More convenient budgets. Check-printing capability.

Price: $38.99 | Homepage | App Store Link


Recepie Manager


Yummysoup! is a simple yet excellent recipe management application.
The web importer helps you browse popular recipe websites like Epicurious, AllRecipes, Cookstr, and lets you automatically import recipes from 11 of the most popular cooking sites all with a single click. YummySoup! also makes quick work of importing recipes from any other website. Just highlight-and-go.Edit, e-mail, print, browse, and view your recipes in a powerful full-screen view.

YummySoup! is, in my wife's opinion, the nicest looking, and easiest to use recipe manager for the Mac. Now that the iPad app is available, she can easily sync her data and not have to keep her laptop in the kitchen while she is cooking.

Price: $19.99 | Homepage | App Store Link

Mac Family Tree

Family Tree Maker

Mac family tree

When I first started using Mac Family Tree, I didn't realize how much I would get into it. It's incredibly easy to use, and equally as addictive. Mac Family tree allows you to browse and create custom 3D tree diagrams. You can also easily import/export GEDCOM files, which is the standard format for online family trees.

Going back and researching my family lineage turned out to be a lot of fun. My mom even got involved and purchased her own copy so she could help with our family tree. My mom is not a very savvy computer person. She recently purchased her first mac, and the fact that she can easily navigate the application is a testament to to how well the interface is designed. We now share access to the same tree over dropbox so we can both access / modify it as needed.

If you want a more in-depth review of Mac Family Tree Maker, please check out this great review at MacNN

Price: $59 | Homepage | App Store Link


Personal Time Tracker


Timing might actually be my favorite app of the bunch. Simply put, Timing tracks your application usage. It runs in the background; you never even know it's there. When you finally open the application, you can see exactly how much time you spent on your computer, and where it was spent. You can also categorize the applications by group, which allows me to see how much time I'm spending with certain types of applications. Timing automatically tracks which documents you are editing, which applications you use, and the domains of the websites you visit. Afterwards, just drag and drop activities into projects. Development apps are one of my personal groups, so I can track trends in usage (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). This turned out to be a great organizational tool for me, since it now allows me to so see how much time I have (or haven't) been using wisely.

Price: $19.99 | Homepage | App Store Link


Stock / Fund Tracker


Investoscope is a portfolio tracker for the individual investor. This is actually the only stocks app that I was able to find with this level of detail and ease. There aren't many apps currently available in the app store for monitoring and tracking stocks / mutual funds, but this one is a winner. Admittedly, I only use a basic level of features to track my current and potential future mutual funds. The reporting features look pretty awesome though, as I have the time I will defiantly get more into this app. The price point is a little high, but if you want a way to properly research and plan for buying and selling stocks, you might have to bite the bullet and invest in this app.

Price: $59 | Homepage | App Store Link


  • Bogan says:

    Investoscope is a really good piece of software. Money4, ehm, it is still buggy and slow, there are bugs what I mentioned in JUNE!

  • Nomail says:

    I would like to thank you for making me discover those great apps (DayOne in particular). 😉

  • Tim13Swinson says:

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