★ Fantastical: Enhance and Improve your OSX Calendar Experience

Posted on July 08, 2011


Calendar Enhancement for your Menubar


Hailed as “The calendar you'll actually enjoy using,” Fantastical does not disappoint. Flexibit's Fantastical acts as an enhancement to Mac OSX's existing calendaring system, rather than a full replacement. In short, it's a really easy to use Calendar add-on, which will allow you to add and view your multi-calendar events from a simple icon in your menu bar. When you click on the icon, a tray will drop down to display your calendar and all of your upcoming appointments.

I won't get into a long winded review because there honestly isn't much to say. It's a great app which facilitates a very specific purpose: Enhancing your Calendar experience. Fantastical it isn’t designed to take over your existing calendar application, but rather works alongside it in your menu bar to make calendaring quick and simple.


Fantastical supports iCal, Entourage and Outlook, and provides a refreshing replacement (or addition) to OSX's existing menubar date/time function. There are several simple, well thought out details that make it stand out, while keeping it surprisingly simple and intuitive.

To quote Fantastical's website, “The event list and calendar allow you to easily locate and plan all of your events. Color-coding and beautiful design help you quickly make sense of your schedule. You can even change the number of events you want displayed, allowing you to focus.”

Best of all, with version 1.02, it now works alongside Busycal!

Overall Fantastical is great and worth the small price tag of $20. It works especially well for novice and intermediate users (my wife, for example) who are just starting to get familiar with all of the different system applications. For the price, it's a steal.

Price: $19.99 | Trial? Yes | Homepage | App Store Link

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